Stay Positive Stay Happy

Stay Positive Stay Happy

Stay positive – Stay Healthy is all a good bunch of key points to be followed while you are hooked up!

No matter, World around us leaves negative impressions, making us scratch our grey cells that are we being cared about by the person we are madly in love with ?? STOP – you gotta be positive to be happy.

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Stay Positive Stay Happy

Our surroundings carry a good weightage in carving our thought process, so our friends and neighbors but whilst we are in a relationship, we have to weigh the good and not so good (I didn’t mention bad – but not so good) – that’s the positive side of the mind. You have to be optimistic for good things to come around, happiness to ponder over and to embrace the joyful moments.

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Joyful moments are made out of ourselves, our thoughts. For any relationship to remain stronger, healthier for both the beings; trust is a must. Like it is said, if a person deceives you once it is his fault but if we succeeds for the second time, then it’ your fault. I say, give one chance. You never know how the circumstances would have been and way the person behaved.

Let’s see cons of being not so positive

  1. Depression – You don’t feel happy, you don’t feel positive, depression is something you yourself invite with open arms
  2. Restlessness – you don’t realize it but your heart beat is much faster than normal.
  3. Fatigue – since your mind is at a swirl, you tend to be less active.
  4. Too much thinking – you are occupied in your own thoughts, you tend to analyze situations s you perceive and not as they are.
  5. Bad health – Needless to say, you are being over stressed effecting your mind, body and soul; making you sick

Stay Positive Stay Happy

Be open and receptive to what your partner is saying – give the person a chance to keep his point. Remember positive thoughts and openness of mind is a must for any conversation to take place.

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Stay Positive – Stay Happy must have given you a platform to re-think on your actions… remember just re-think and not overthink!