Stages of Love : Signs, You’re Infatuated.


Stages of Love : Signs, You’re Infatuated.

Do you think You are in Love? Are you still confused if you are in Love with the person or mere Infatuated? Do you want to know the difference between Love and Infatuation?? There are many stages of Love. You might confuse Attraction to love or Infatuation to love. Many times we get to hear stories from people that they used to like their class teacher in their childhood. Will you consider his liking for his teacher as his First Love? No, This is not love , it is mere Attraction. There are many Stages of Love. You need to understand the difference between them and save yourself from getting confused between them. The different stages of Love includes Attachment, Attraction, Liking, Infatuation and Love. Love is a deep feeling that you feel for someone and that lasts forever. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Infatuation can be defined as an intense but short- lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

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Stages of Love Signs You're Infatuated.

Often Love is confused with Infatuation. People think that they are in love with the person but in reality it turns out to be temporary attraction. To make you understand the difference between the two, Love and Infatuation, we have listed some clear signs of Infatuation that will help you find out if you are in Love or just Infatuated to the person.

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Infatuation makes you Irrational:
Infatuation takes you away from reality. It makes you irrational and illogical in your thinking. You find it difficult to analyze and find sense in any situation. Infatuation is so intense that it don’t let your brain take any logical decision. Infatuation overpowers you to such an extent that you begin to find logic in the most illogical things and actions. You start to live in your own fantasy world, where every irrational action of yours makes sense. The moment you hear a romantic song on television or radio you start imagining yourself and the person you are infatuated too. Infatuation makes you go ‘Mad’ over that person, you find them in very activity that is happening around you.

Met with ‘Him’ Recently:
Have you both met recently? You must be wondering How is Time related to love? I know so many people that believe in the concept of ‘Love at First Sight’ Do you think that ‘Love at First Sight’ really exist? You may meet many people who would say that they had fallen in love at the the first sight. But you need to trust me, there is no concept called ‘Love at First Sight’. You need to know that what people call ‘Love at First Sight’ is nothing but Attraction at the first place which might later form into ‘Love’ after knowing each other. This is because ‘Love takes Time to Conquer you.’ It is a deep feeling which require time to Nurture. In such type of cases you might be getting confused with either Attachment towards the person or Infatuation for the person to Love.

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Lost Your Focus?
Are you finding it hard to focus or concentrate on the work in hand? Do you often get lost in your own world while talking to your friends? Do you find it difficult to remember where you last kept your important papers? Do you find him on your mind even when you are with so many people around you? His thoughts keeps you distracted the whole day? In infatuation ‘He’ becomes the Focus of your life. When you are infatuated ‘He’ comes to the center of your life and the other things become secondary.

You become Superficial:
What you understand by the word Superficial? The word superficial means that something which appears to be true or real only until examined more closely. This is what happens with the people who confuse Infatuation with Love. When you are infatuated towards someone you are completely taken away by ‘Them’. In simple words, you make them out to be something they are not. This happens because you only see their strengthens, their perfections, their positive outlook. Infatuation makes you blind and you neglect to see their weaknesses and imperfections. If this is the case with you that you can only see perfection in Him, then, it’s clearly Infatuation and not love. This is because when you are in Love, you can see them for who they are and love them anyway.

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Is it ‘All Smiles’ for You?
Are you acquainted with the expression ‘All Smiles’? Is it happening to you? The expression ‘All smiles’ means that when a person has no problems or questions. They are always happy even during the hard times in their life. Infatuation creates the same effect on you. You become a person who is always smiling. The slightest Reminder of ‘Him’ makes you go ‘All Smiles’. That Smile is unique, which only ‘He’ can bring to your face.

He is on Your Mind ’24/7′:
Yes! this is the most common sign that you see in everyone. He is on your mind Always. This is because you find them everywhere. You can just keep on talking about them. The moment you hear ‘His Name’ you  just go mad talking about him. Like He called! I received an Early Morning Text from Him! He did This! He did That! and What Not!

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Social Media Adds Fuel to Fire:
In the age of Social Media, it has become so easy for anyone to stalk the person that interests them. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and many more adds fuel to fire. The moment they find their love interest on such platforms they become their biggest ‘followers’. You keep on Liking their posts, posting various comments etc. You need to understand that it is not ‘Love’ but your ‘Infatuation’ that is forcing you to do such ‘Foolish’ things.

His Glimpse Turns Bliss:
In Infatuation a Slightest Glimpse of Him turns out to be a Bliss to you. The moment and the feeling that you undergo can’t be put into words. We can call it a feel that is ‘Out of this world’. A word from ‘Him’ is considered as a Bonus to you.

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You Put Aside Everything:
When you are Infatuated to someone you can’t get over them. You crave just for ‘His ATTENTION’. In order to catch his attention, you try to put aside everything. You also start avoiding people. A call from ‘Him’ makes you forget the work in your hand. And its only HE! HE! HE ! on your mind.

You Think You Know Everything.
In Infatuation you tend to believe that you know ‘Everything’ but actually you know ‘Nothing’ about him. You might only know the things that the rest of the world knows too! In Love you need to know the person inside out. Your basic information about them is not ‘Everything’. This shows you are infatuated to that person.

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Hence, you need to understand this basic difference between ‘LOVE’ and ‘Infatuation’. Sometimes you may confuse Attraction” to ‘Love’. Always remember, ‘Love’ takes time to ‘Sink’ in. It is the ‘Deepest’ and the ‘Strongest’ emotion that a person feels for somebody. Love in its initial stage is ‘LIKING’ which leads to ‘ATTACHMENT’, ‘ATTACHMENT’ turns into ‘ATTRACTION’, ‘ATTRACTION’ gives rise to ‘INFATUATION’, ‘INFATUATION ‘may transcends to ‘Love’ which only happens when you nurture with time.

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In the end before closing this article I would like to request you all ‘Try not to confuse Attachment with Love. Attachment is about ‘fear’ and ‘dependency’ and has more to do with ‘love of self’ than the ‘love of another’. LOVE without ATTACHMENT is the Purest Love because it isn’t about ‘what others can give you’ because you are ‘Empty’. It is about ‘what you can give others’ because you are ‘Already Full.’