Son Writes An Open Letter To His Parents

Son Writes An Open Letter To His Parents

Son Writes An Open Letter To His Parents

Dear Mom & Dad,

More than my parents you have both been my friends. My childhood has been a smooth, yet exciting ride only because you were in the driving seat, dad!

Today, when I look back at my school days I realize what kind of a brat I was, Mom! I remember running around the house to escape that cup of milk, lazing on the sofas in my dirty uniform and filthy feet, nagging you about taking me to tennis class and let alone the task of completing my homework! Oh God! I was a piece of work. [ Read: Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother as She Turns 16 ]

My teenage years were quite entertaining, too! Dad, you became more of a friend than my daddy in those years and exposed me to the world of manhood – replacing a punctured tyre, fixing furniture, being a gentleman to the ladies and having conversations like two wise men! Of course I wouldn’t discuss my girl crushes with you, but I knew that if I ever stumbled in approaching a girl I had you to turn to.

I miss those fun filled, family days even though I don’t admit it as often. My college degree may have let you down, yet I managed to get myself a job. I’m trying to make up for the disappointment I have caused! You will now see a changed son, a person who is dedicated to make something of his life. I can feel that rejuvenated energy while walking down the busy streets of the city when my mind is always filled with thoughts of work, meetings and sometimes, life. [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children ]

Being an adult is tougher than I thought! It is not only about money that I have to earn, but also the relations I have to build and maintain in life. My friends are a great support system; unfortunately I cannot say the same about the professionals I have met in these few years. Dad, I admire your professional character – the way you have built relations even with peers who posed obstacles in your work, the manner in which you handled your employees and of course your persistent nature! I wonder whether I have inherited these qualities because at this stage in life, I really need to be so much like you.

As much as comfort I have had throughout my growing up years, I am living the exact opposite life at present. I have seen the mocking look our family members give me- they expect me to make nothing of my life, and just be a simpleton with a regular nine to five job. Yes, I feel those unsaid words calling me a loser (I know the word sounds harsh!) Your colleagues and friends have posed questions about my future plans too. They seem quite enthusiastic, although my vague answers may not have impressed them. [ Read: Different Types Of Love Everyone Experience in Life ]

I apologize for that sort of rude and uncalled behavior. But I don’t understand why do I owe them any answers? If I don’t think their concerns are genuine, I don’t believe in having a chat with them about my future. I believe I owe answers and justifications only to the two of you! Nobody is going to offer a helping hand when I need it, but just talk about the failures and setbacks. Sure mom, family members are our well-wishers, but I don’t think I am answerable to them!

Currently my career is carving quite a lucrative path. Of the many things I am grateful to you for; one of the top things would be pushing me to work! I am admitting that if I continued with my countless business plans, today I would still be lazing around in bed till 12 noon under the pretext of “planning.” [ Read: Why Everybody Should Love Their Parents ]

My dream of being a successful businessman is very much on the charts! I know you are quite frustrated that I haven’t moved ahead of the planning stage in any of those plans I came to you with, but I request you to have faith in me. I know I have it in me to achieve greater heights.

I wish to return the kind of love, comfort and luxury you gave me while I was growing up – I want to spoil you just like you spoilt me. Seeing disappointment in your eyes has been the worst feeling I have experienced, so I request you to just have some confidence in me and you will see a successful man in a few years. After all, I am your product and I will only be better than the best!