Sometimes She Texts Me and Sometime She is Cold: What to do?

Sometimes She Texts Me and Sometime She is Cold: What to do?

I met a girl last week and got her number, we’ve been texting for a week. I quite like her and I feel that she likes me too. But we don’t have much to talk about. Today I haven’t got her texts I really want to send her texts but I have no idea what to say, I’ll smile whenever I get her text. I don’t know what she thinks of me but sometimes she’s cold to me. What to do should I wait for her texts or should I text her?

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Sometimes She Texts Me and Sometime She is Cold: What to do?

The above question was anomalously sent to us on our Facebook page and the sender wanted help from our page fans. We have carefully picked the best replies provided for the above question thinking this might be a useful read for our other readers too. Let’s read through what people suggested:

1# Don’t Over Think and Stay Cool:

Reality check ! Never assume and don’t expect, we can like and others can like us for so many different reasons. You might like her and would have started to love her but she can like you as just plain platonic but nothing else . When you meet someone it is important that you are geared up with your conversationalist skill because that is where you will start to know each other . That is the nerve that makes you feel like you don’t know what to say but be yourself and don’t be lost. Coldness can be just her wanting to be alone or just under the weather but it doesn’t mean you are the reason, don’t over think. Stay cool and enjoy the journey wherever it reads you , just embrace the moments.

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2# Start the conversation:

As a woman she will always want you to start the conversation, though she might love more you do. Absent of communication weakens the relationship. So #text her; how was your day, night, week etc? This is a good start and is enough, if actually you want this relationship to continue.

3# Not in Mood for Small Talks:

Maybe she’s exhausted after work. That makes you think she’s cold but she just wants to rest and is not in the mood for small talks. Just randomly give her a call sometime.

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4# Ask her Out:

Since both of you text each other that means you have common interest. You don’t have to know what is in her mind now just maintain your part, allow time to tell. You may also ask her out its difficult to have a real conversation via #text. Texts have no tone so you may think she is being cold when it’s just misconstrued information. Invite her to go out.. eat or coffee and some rounding for nice place the send her to home and before she go inside tell her that you want to see her again kiss her in her head and hope for her sweet dreams.

5# Take the First Step:

You need to speak to her. Women appreciate a man who takes the initiative. It makes him more attractive as long as she’s already interested. Ask her on a date and get to know her. Ask about what she likes to do for fun. You have to make the move if you want to know where you stand with her.  There are loads of things you could talk about. Interests, find out what makes her tick, making her feel comfortable with you is important. Having fun together laughing. Showing an interest helps.

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6# Difference between friends #text and lovers #text:

#Texting or chatting is just a way of making friends. There’s a difference between exchange of texts between friends  and lovers, so don’t expect as long as you proposed. If you stop so she will stop too. Why should you not stop if the other is not #texting you unless you are boyfriend or girlfriend.

7# She may be Afraid or Hurt:

If someone is cold to you believe them. By the same token she may be afraid or hurt which seems cold to you. Give her a call and hear how she treats you then. If your connection is true you will know as you will know if it is NOT. I am saying a prayer now that our Lord directs Your Steps here to bring you Wisdom and Strength to REACH OUT!

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8# Mood Swing:

Girls always want guys to make the first move. Girls always want to be treated like they are important and wanted to be treated really like a princess. If she really like you too, she will definitely message you back and I am pretty sure she’s also waiting for your message. About being cold, it’s a normal for us too to have a mood swing. Sometimes girls feel blue, sometimes not. Girls are very exaggerated with their feelings – instead of just happy- girls feel jubilant.. just the way it is…

9# Action Speaks Louder than Texts:

When she doesn’t text you back probably because she is waiting for your texts to start the conversation. Be a man do your part if you really like her and want to be in a relationship. And if she doesn’t reply to your texts or accept your calls give her some time to sort out what she wants!! And if she doesn’t you should know that she isn’t interested. Remember actions speaks louder than words.

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10# Don’t Rush Things:

My concerns are your statement that you both don’t have much to talk about and that sometimes she is cold to you. It sounds like you are lonely and that you two could possibly become friends. Don’t rush things….let it sit and see what happens. A daily text from you just saying hi is a good start.

11# Call her…. Stop #texting!

Texting is for when you can’t call or just to send a nice “Good morning, I hope you have a great day”. Ask her out, if it’s a nice day go on a walk or hike and talk, find activities to do. Put forth effort. You don’t like someone if you’ve been #texting for a week and you can’t have a conversation with them. You will know then if you like each other enough to see each other again. I know the 2016 way of communication is #texting but voice communication is the best way, phone calls and in person. You can hear in the voice if someone is sincere. A conversation is talking…not texting!

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