Solitude is the Key To Happiness.


Solitude is the Key To Happiness!

Solitude! A word which has many sides and points, some consider it as a positive sign and the rest as something negative. But, according to me and many like me, consider SOLITUDE as the key to happiness,hope and success! One should always spend some me-time, some lone time, away from the locale noise, somewhere beyond the meadows of LIFE and SARCASM.

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Solitude is the Key To Happiness.

1/Spending some me-time actually boosts our self-esteem and confidence. It helps us to sort out our life accordingly and shape them up to fit in this perfectly imperfect world. One might get confused and might also want to do many things at one go, but that’s not the right way to spend your me-time.  Don’t get confused and try to do many things in a day, sort out your plans properly.

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2/One day you can read a good book, any book on any topic. You can also read it online but, but, please make sure you don’t end up doing Facebook or twitter. I know many of you don’t have the habit of reading a book, but trust me, even I hated reading books or newspapers unless I came to know its positive side.Reading a book not only enhances your soul, but also increases your word knowledge and your vocabulary. You won’t notice its value now, but in the near future you’ll thank yourself for this great habit.

3/Next you can go out with your friends and enjoy. By friends I meant those people, who logically and whole-heartedly wants your good, they maybe just 1 0r 2, but that’s enough for your jammed up mind.

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4/ Make a wish list for yourself. What you want to do when you start earning, where you want to plan your girls gang night out, what you want to gift your husband on your 60th marriage anniversary, etc and anything that you wish or desire to do. Just grab your pen and start jotting them down during Solitude.

5/Make a list part-2 . In this, include those things which makes you emotionally and mentally stressed out. Starting form those creepy people to your cranky boss, write down and strike them out. And make it a point that, no matter what happens, I will never allow their words or actions hamper my peace of mind. DONE!

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6/Find out your lost hobby which you used to love during your childhood days. Start it all over again and reinvent a new YOU. You never know what the future holds, this might be a positive turn in your life!

7/ Think about positive memories, positive talks and anything that boosts up your confidence and self-esteem. Rattle your mind, but don’t force it to over-think, keep calm, breath in, breath out and relax. You can also go for a power nap, make sure to switch off all your phones and laptop.

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8/ Practice MEDITATION. The only way to calm your heavy mind. See it online, but I would say if you are a beginner, then please take the help of a professional. Cause meditation and yoga, if not done in the right posture can kill you or even give you your worst nightmare.

9/ Listen to some cool and light or anything you like during your Solitude. Music heals almost everything, if used in the correct manner. Same goes with movies. Plan a date with yourself, download any movie of your choice (Seen or Unseen), grab the bowl of your popcorn to munch on and enjoy. Relaxation at its best!

10/Give yourself a makeover. You can book for yourself a good round of spa or hair cutting. If not affordable, no issues, go to google and type “HOME MADE REMEDIES for” and here you are with your answer.

So these were some of the moves you can try and see the result of Solitude all by yourself. Always remember,no matter what other’s say or belief, ultimately its your belief and hope that matter’s the most in your life. Cause, nobody knows YOU better than YOURSELF. Not even your shadow, so just follow your mind and heart.

Solitude is the Key To Happiness.

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Think positive,

do things that makes you happy,

cry for happiness,

work hard and have a good night sleep.  And always remember, its your life and your chance to make it a memorable journey.