Sleeping With Him on First Date, Is it a Good Idea?

Sleeping With Him on First Date, Is it a Good Idea?

Going out on a date for the first time is always exciting. Even if it’s not the first date of your life, it is the first time you are going out with your new boyfriend. You are a fairly experienced person when it comes to dating but when you go out with a person, whom you started dating recently, you feel as if this is your first date. The reason is that different people bring different energies to a date. It could be your hundredth date but going out with a new partner has a certain sense of novelty attached to it. You know him but have never gone out on a date with him. Thus, you are clueless as to how the date is going to turn out to be. Based on your impression of him, you can make a few inferences and could perhaps foresee a few things that you will be experiencing on the date. But how the overall experience turns out to be will be figured out only after you are done with it. [ Read: Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You? ]

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The guessing game

When you do not know exactly what the date is going to be like, you start guessing. You are excited and anxious at the same time as a result of which you start imagining how things will turn out. You think about various situations and prepare yourself to deal with them. If you have been on dates in the past, you will have a fair idea of the various things you will come across on the date. Even if it is your very first date, you will be slightly familiar with the dating scene as a lot of your friends must have shared their dating experiences with you. One of the many things that come to your mind, when you think about your date night, is the prospect of getting intimate with your partner. You are not averse to the idea but wonder whether it would be a good step. Even if it is your first date, you are very close to your partner and share a good level of understanding with him. So, when you go out on a date, the mood and the ambience would be such that it may trigger certain emotions in each of you which would lead you towards taking a big step. You might not have planned it but you will find it difficult to control your emotions. [ Read: 10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy


How early is too early?

A lot of people suggest that having sexual intercourse with your partner on the very first date is a bad idea. They suggest that people should move slowly and get into it at a later stage. You must not get swayed away by these opinions and understand that there is no such thing as too early or too fast in a relationship. You should decide the course of your relationship and act accordingly. Do not let people around you influence your choices and decisions. Do whatever your heart tells you to. You must hear the voice within your heart and analyse your decision properly before going ahead with it. This is because sometimes our heart takes us in the wrong direction. After you decide to do something, think about its consequences and what it will lead you towards. If you think you are ready to get intimate with your partner on the first date, do it. Just make sure that you have analysed all the pros and cons and are extremely sure about what you are doing. If you are not sure about it, do not do it right now. [ Read: 10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You ]

The pressure

Sometimes people feel pressurised in a relationship even when their partner does not force them do anything. If you have gone out on a date with your partner and he asks you to get intimate with him, do not say a yes immediately. Ponder over his proposal for a while and give a reply that comes to your heart. If you do not want to get intimate with him, say that clearly. Sometimes people feel that saying no would upset their partner and hence, reluctantly, they nod their head in agreement. If he really loves you, he will not mind the fact that you said no to him. He will understand that you are not comfortable with getting intimate at the moment and would not put any pressure on you. If he pressurises you, then you should reprimand him for that and walk out of the place. Being your boyfriend does not give him any right over you. You are an individual who has her own rights and freedom. You should not let him hold the key to your independence. There is nothing wrong about sleeping with your partner on the first date and it is totally cool not to have a boyfriend in your life. You should not let your peers or the society decide the way you should lead your life. [ Read: Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You ]