Sister Writes An Open Letter To Her Brother As She Turns 16

Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother as She Turns 16

Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother

Dear Bro,

I am writing this letter to you because I want to tell you how much I love you and respect you. We both fight often and sometimes you shout at me to make me realise my mistakes. In the heat of the moment, I feel annoyed and don’t talk to you in anger. But as soon as you calm down, you always cheer me up again.

You have always been very protective of me. I have been closer to you than to dad or mom. I share my life incidents with you too. You have always shown me a solution to all my issues. There were days when I couldn’t finish my projects on time and you helped me out with them. You helped me with my assignments and submissions as well. Whenever dad and mom were out of town, you took care of me. You made sure that I had my meals and reached school on time. [ Read: 20 ways to become a better sister ]

I cannot forget that incident when I was getting off my school bus along with other kids and there was a boy teasing me to no end. You happened to see that and you gave him a piece of your mind. He got scared and never bullied me again. But I just want to assure you that in spite of being 5 years younger than you, I have grown up as well. I am almost 16 and can take care of myself. I want you to trust me with my decisions. I really will not do anything wrong or that would make you or mom and dad ashamed of me.

You have often asked me if I have a boyfriend. But bro, the truth is that I don’t really have a boyfriend. I have a couple of friends who are boys and we’re all part of the same group of 8 friends. But I do like a guy in my class. There has been no confession of love from my end. I don’t want a relationship to distract me now as I am still a teen and want to focus on my studies.  I am in high school and I understand that studies are very crucial this year for me. [ Read: Husband Writes An Open Letter to His Wife ]

I am planning to pursue a veterinarian course further. As you already know, I love animals and my further aim is to help animals in any way I can. I am also part of the animal shelter program of our college. In fact, I am leading the group. We go to various places to find if any animal is left on the streets or is injured. We take them to the local veterinarian centre and help them recover. I have a team of 20 people with me, who are part of this program. I really enjoy my work as a volunteer and it gives me immense satisfaction being of help to the animal kind.

The truth is that, bro, despite all our fights and fun, I really respect you a lot. I look up to you and how you have made our parents really proud with your excellent grades in studies as well as sports. You often ask me to sign up for volleyball or badminton, but I don’t like sports at all. I enjoy music and dancing and have already enrolled for a dance class in our neighbourhood for this summer vacation. You have always supported me in all my endeavours and have also helped me explain my perspective to our parents. I know you don’t say it at all, but you love me a lot and care for me more than anyone else. You have taken my side against our mom and dad, thanks a lot for that. [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

You have inspired me to be an all rounder in life and to achieve all the dreams I have. I really enjoy spending time with you and I hope that we spend more time together, bro. I know your studies keep you really busy and you are supporting yourself with the part time job too. I, too, will start supporting my own self as soon as I am done with high school, just like you.

Thanks a lot, bro, for being a loving brother, parent and a friend,

Your little sister.

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