Why Am I Single? Things You Do that Sabotage Your Love Life


Why Am I Single? Things You Do that Sabotage Your Love Life

One of the common questions that every single person have encountered is Why are they really single? Do we sabotage our love life on our own? If this so then what are the reasons behind this? LikeLoveQuotes.com brings to you some of the common ways which lead to sabotage your love life on your own. If I answer this question with sheer honesty there is no other reason behind someone being single but they themselves. It is not the another person but you yourself. You can’t decide to be in relationship with anyone. If you want to explore more on this topic, keep reading.

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Why Am I Single Things You Do that Sabotage Your Love Life

Are You Only a Sabotage To Your Love Life

But it can have another aspect too. It can be that you simply enjoy being single. Hence it is is not always something that stops you find your perfect partner. So let’s find out some of the reasons why some people love being single.

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High Expectations:
Often there are chances that your fairy tale dreams make you keep high expectations. You tend to keep so high expectations about being in love with someone that you ignore to accept what comes to you. There are cases when people think that they deserve someone better and fail to give their commitment to anyone.

You Search Your Type:
The other thing which suggest that you sabotage your love life is the notions you have for your own type of a guy. We think that the person who has approached us is not our type. Hence, your notions are so far from reality that you fail to find someone good for you.

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You Are Not Ready For A Relationship:
Lastly the reason can be that you yourself are not prepared for being in a relationship with anyone. Due  to this reason you keep finding faults in other people.

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Thus, following are some of the reasons which makes you sabotage your on love life.