13 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling in Love with the Wrong One!

13 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling in Love with the Wrong One!

Do you see yourself going gaga over the wrong person and just can’t control it? Here, we have some tried and tested tips for you. First comes the feeling of liking, which is often termed as infatuation. You don’t fall in love with the person in the initial stage. Infatuation is one thing that causes inseparable area of your thinking process over that person. You just won’t be able to stop thinking about them. Many of us have a crush on somebody and then end up falling in love with them slowly, day by day.

13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One

Sometimes, it’s natural to have second thoughts about the person. A co-worker or a friend could be sweet and charming, and before you realize anything, you might develop some deep connection with them. You just won’t be able to control if you are falling head over heels in love with them. It is a possibility that every part of your body will be telling you that you are going down the wrong path. You must have tried to stop yourself too, but it ends up hurting you more. [ Read: Ways To Hurt Less And Love More In A Relationship 


And in the end you just accept what you are going through and accept all the misery as well as self pity that the person you love will never be able to love you as you love them. But you know what the reality is?  You can still get a hold of yourself and turn things upside down. You can still have a life which is under your control. You can still stop falling in love with that person and get your heart back if you truly want to.

  1. Try to convince yourself first!

Patience is the key to get over that person. Infatuation is only alive till the time you feed it with patience. Once you have made up your mind that this person is not right for you in the coming future, and then you can easily drop the whole concept of falling in love. You need to convince yourself first before anybody else. [ Read: 6 Reasons why love at first sight is more of a myth than reality ]

  1. Keep the difference in mind!

There’s a huge difference between infatuation and falling in love with somebody. Infatuation is just finding somebody interesting and attractive in anything they do. Just because you like the person as he/she is attractive and fun doesn’t necessarily mean you love them.

  1. Distancing is mandatory!

Initially it might seem painful, if at all you talk to them on a daily basis or if you’re working day and night with them, you’ll find it hard to avoid them. No matter how difficult it is, just try to avoid them or keep some distance from them. [ Read: When we first met, I felt De JA VU ]

  1. Avoid having physical contact!

You may feel like you are on cloud 9 every time you hold their hand or cuddle with them. But you need to realize that each time you walk away from that, you will get hurt. It may seem stupid to some, but can work wonders. Stop being cozy with them and know that it will do you no good in the present or future.

  1. Don’t be over-friendly!

Avoid late night and long conversations with this person. Most important of all, stop exchanging late night calls or text messages where you discuss the most intimate details of your life. You need to remember one thing regarding this, you’re not getting any friendlier with this person, you are falling deeper in love with him. And this is definitely not what you want. [ Read: Best Quotes On Family Relations For Better Bonding ]

  1. No stalking!

It feels very satisfying to stay updated about this person’s private life. But, you know what your destination is. Avoid opening their Facebook page or following them on any other social networking website to see about their future activity or whether they’ve been up to something. Try limiting the times you stalk them and eventually you will start ignoring them completely.

  1. Pay attention to other things now!

Don’t let one person control your mind and your life. It may seem next to impossible to forget about that person or ignore him. So, rather, engage yourself in other activities which will help you divert your mind. And every time you start thinking about him or make you sad, think about something else that makes you feel happy. [ Read: 20 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic ]

  1. Don’t please people, just be yourself!

It’s all okay to turn down somebody’s request. You don’t need to do something just because somebody else wants you to do it. You are the owner of your own choices. You don’t have to please people by saying yes to anything they say. You need to have your own stand as well.

  1. Focus on the bad side!

Each one of us has flaws. So, the next time you meet that person, just focus on the bad traits they bear. This is one of the best ways to get over somebody. Each time you think about that person, think about their bad behavior with you and what bad side they bear. [ Read: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup ]

  1. Focus on someone else now!

It is one of the easiest ways to get over somebody in no time. Just try to divert your attention to somebody else.  It can be a flirty conversation for a few days or it may turn into a great friendship after a few days.

  1. Avoid giving or taking attention!

Even if you’re in a smooth relationship which is going fine in all aspects, flirty attention from somebody may make you feel weak. If you’re not up for any serious material in your life, then you can try avoiding attention from the one even if it feels good. [ Read: Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys To Completely Avoid ]

  1. Your self respect comes first!

Don’t ever lose your self respect for anybody who is just not worth your time and patience! There is a strong reason why you don’t want this relationship to go further or work. Remember that you are worth something better in life.

  1. Have a conversation with this person!

Does this person have any idea that you are infatuated with them, but don’t want it to go any further? If you want no complications, then talk to this person and tell them how you feel. Try to avoid each other and follow the ‘no contact’ rule in the future. [ Read: 10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It ]

These are the sure-shot ways of not falling in love with the person you think is not worth it! There is no end to guys and girls in this universe. You will find ”the one” when it is the right time. Till then, don’t experiment with the wrong ones!