Top 10: Simple Ways To Impress A Guy You Got Crush On


Top 10: Simple Ways To Impress A Guy You Got Crush On

Crush! That side smiles, that winged eyeliners, that skipping a beat each time he/she entered the class, everything related to this is so love-amazing! But when it comes to impressing them we somewhere fumble or lose our hope and scope.

And this is where the team of #likelovequotes enters with the lightning bolt of hope for your scope. So, there are two different approaches, one for girls and other for boys. Let’s start with the girls!

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Simple Ways To Impress A Guy You Got Crush On-likelovequotes


Impressing HER-

Confidence OVER Attire-

Well if you are thinking to impress her just by gelled hair, trimmed beards, smelling good and a wallet full of moolah then you are 100% wrong.We prefer the right attitude over looks, we prefer respect over a heavy wallet. Actually, we girls are blessed with an inbuilt detector, with the help of which we can detect who is chivalrous and who is a male bimbo.

We love INTROVERT Google-

There is a saying, those who are introvert and generally stays away from all these love complications have the most romantic brain ever! And it is true, take my example. I am an introvert since birth and my boyfriend gets a shock (romantic obviously) whenever I surprise him with my oh-so-romantic moments. 

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Dress to impress-

College and a board meeting conference have a chalk and cheese difference. You can’t expect us to fall for you or reply to your hits if you come to the college wearing your stinky sweatshirt. TSK TSK.Keep it casual, keep it impressive.

Something like a nice shirt or t-shirt with jeans along with sneakers for Mondays and Tuesdays. A hairstyle like a little bit of gelled up with specs if you wish (we insist), fold the sleeves of your shirt and you are ready to impress her. Make sure you apply some long lasting perfumes (Strong).

Impressing HIM-

Be a mystery but be confident-

Speak with your eyes, make sure you apply some good dark eyeliners or kajal.Talk less but talk sense, speak wth attitude. Mind you, by the attitude I mean positivity and not an ego. Guys love those who reflects a sense of confidence and a dash of attitude at the same time.

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Reflect a gesture of kindness-

It is a myth that guys and men find it boring, instead, they find it really sweet. So, smile, give your best smile whenever you see them and blush a bit. You know, just a little bit of natural blush is enough to give your make up a  sudden glow.

And yes, don’t forget to look at him with that glow on your face, put your hair beside your ears, purse your lips and hide behind your friend.

A suddenly planned touch-

Before you plan or draw out any kind of imagination inside your mind I would like to clear what this exactly means. Well, imagine a scene- You are coming inside the college gate and suddenly you see your crush walking in front of you just 10 steps away. What you can do is, walk a bit faster and touch his hands with your hands intentionally and walk fast away.

Fire up the situation and let your crush blush more by looking back while going ahead of him (do give your smile and a wink). Just go straight to your class and wait for the guy to make that move. If he has something for you, he will come and sit beside you.

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Top 10: Simple Ways To Impress A Guy You Got Crush On

Well, I am done with my suggestions and points. Now it is up to you how you implement it and impress your crush. Make sure you don’t cross that line and keep it safe.