Simple Expectations of a Girlfriend from her Boyfriend

Simple Expectations of a Girlfriend from her Boyfriend

A Girl might take quite some time to say “yes” to a guy, but when she does, she does  whole heartedly without a single doubt in her mind. She commits herself completely to the relationship and the guy she loves.  Thus, undoubtedly she also has certain expectations from her boyfriend, which guys think are a huge deal, but in reality they are just normal things which somebody expects in a relationship and nothing extra ordinary. If a guy loves his woman truly, he wouldn’t find it difficult to meet her expectations or even be better than her expectations.

Simple Expectations of a Girlfriend from her Boyfriend

So, really, what exactly does a girl expect from her boyfriend?

  1. She expects you to be committed

A girl expects her guy’s loyalty and full commitment to her and only her. Infidelity, affairs and flirting can hurt a woman to a great extent. A woman can bear with anything and will adjust up to any point until her husband or boyfriend cheats on her. It is the worst way to break a woman’s heart, especially the one who loved you with all her heart. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Deepen His Love For You


  1. She expects you to be caring

She expects her guy to be caring and sweet. She expects him to know what is going on with her life, what her preferences are, what her likes and dislikes are. She wants a boyfriend who will care for her when she is ill and take care of the kids when she is busy. [ Read: Tips To Know That The Girl You Like Is Making A Fool Out Of You ]

  1. She expects you to support her

She expects her boyfriend to acknowledge her dreams and passions. If he cannot be proud of her, at least he should be supportive and not demeaning of what she intends to do in life. If he doesn’t share the passion, that is alright, but she expects him to support her and be there for her through thick and thin, like she would always be with him.

  1. She expects you to share

She expects her boyfriend to share things happening in life. Women don’t like men who hide things, they get annoyed and might also start suspecting of hideous behavior. Women expect honesty and transparency from their partners. They like somebody who can share his life dreams, passions, everyday incidents, likes and dislikes with her.

  1. She expects you to keep the spark alive

Relationships become dull over time, if the people involved don’t do things to make each other smile. She expects her boyfriend to keep the spark alive by doing spontaneous things and romantic gestures. Giving her small surprises, making her laugh out loud, giving her the BEST moments of her life, she expects all that from her boyfriend and only from her boyfriend.

  1. She expects you to give her attention

She expects you to NOTICE her. Tell her how beautiful she is. She dresses up to look good, to make you look good, to make you notice her, to get some quick praise from you. A girl loves when her boyfriend notices the small changes in her. She loves his attention. Especially, in public if a guy can acknowledge and indulge in PDA, without making it look cheesy, she will feel loved and special.

  1. She expects you to make her fall in love with you again!

Exactly, she wants to spend time with you and still feel like you just proposed her yesterday. The romance should stay in your life. She wants you to woo her every other day. She expects you to still make her laugh on your silly jokes and make her feel young and pretty with your praises and flirting.

All these things are really not that hard to do. Especially if you have a lovely and caring girlfriend to do this with, you must really try to meet her expectations. Always remember, she chose you to be the one, and she will never have such expectations from anybody else but you, hence you must take this opportunity and give her what she truly deserves! [ Read: True Signs That You Are Commitment Phobic ]

How often do you try to meet your girlfriend’s expectations? What are the special things you do to make her smile? Share with us in the comments section.