12 Minute Signs You are Being Manipulated by Your Lover

12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover

Not all relationships are rosy. Being with the wrong person kills you in more ways than you can imagine. Partner in a relationship should be mutually supportive to each other. So that they can gain from each other’s personalities. However, what if one partner only wants to receive and expects the other person to make all the adjustments, sacrifices and compromises? What if the person manipulates their partner into doing things they would rather not. Sounds like a bad relationship, right? How would one know if they are being manipulated by their lover? Here are a few telltale signs of being manipulated, if you can recognize with most of them, know that you are being taken advantage of.

12 Minute Signs You are Being Manipulated by Your Lover

  1. I am not saying, do what you like

The oldest trick in the book of manipulation is to never make it obvious that you are being manipulative. Your partner would let you ‘make decisions’ but you know that you are bound to face a backlash after you have made the decision. [ Read : Ways To Hurt Less And Love More In A Relationship


  1. I am averse to that!

Without being obvious that they do not want to go ahead about a certain thing, your manipulative partner will beat around the bush and give you reasons aplenty; until you give up and give in.

  1. Are you sure you want THAT!

You make wrong decisions. Bad decisions. Decisions that do you no good. Know who makes better decisions? Yes, your lover. That’s the gist of every conversation you have with them. That’s the conclusion of every argument. [ Read : 7 Signs – He Loves Me Or Loves Me Not? ]

  1. Making excuses, always

Every time you want to go out – they have a stomach ache. Every time your family is visiting – they have backlog at work. Every time you don’t want to be a part of their plan – now that is what an issue is like. Your people, your plans are trashy, theirs are important.

  1. Trying to sell an idea

Manipulators have amazing convincing skills. When they want you do something which they deem right, they will try all their ways to sell that idea to you. Suddenly shifting to a new city will become lucrative. Giving up your job and staying at home will become like the only option in the world. [ Read : 26 Reasons Why I Hate You Despite Loving You So Much ]

  1. Pinpointing mistakes in your friends/ family

Anyone you are close to, people you share your feelings with, you manipulative lover will dislike them. For the very reason that they might suggest you things in your favor. Subtly, very subtly, your lover will start sabotaging the people you are close to, to the point that even you start seeing faults in them.

  1. Playing the emotional card

Playing with emotions is always a hit with manipulative people. This is their way of getting things done in their favor. Emotionally blackmailing a person always works, without putting them in a bad light. Rather, it put the onus on you to make sure that you please them. [ Read : An Emotional Love Letter ]

  1. Sweet talk you into doing things

Have you seen baby asking for a chocolate or a toy? They are so sweet and cute, because that way they stand a better chance of getting their way. That is exactly what a manipulative lover would do – sweet talk you into doing things they want.

  1. Making you feel like you are doing something noble

We all feel good when we do something good, something noble, and something that would please someone. Manipulative lovers cash on this perfectly. They will make you feel that by doing what they want, you would be doing a favor, a very noble act. [ Read : 12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship ]

  1. Sugar-coating things/ people they like

If you are not fond of one of their friend, your manipulative lover will highlight their virtues to such an extent that you will begin questioning your initial opinion. If you don’t like a particular cuisine, they will tell you that just how amazingly healthy it is!

  1. They have issues, several of them

The need to manipulate stems out of a person’s own emotional immaturity. The more a person is emotionally insecure, the more they would want to manipulate their partner. The worse thing is, a manipulative person will never confess to having emotional issues, hence they go on un-helped! [ Read : 10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It ]

  1. Won’t boost your confidence

Manipulation feeds on making the other person feel worthless, or that they are of any worth only with the manipulator. Making one feel emotionally weak and like a total loser makes that person cling on to the other person, after all, who likes to be alone!

So friends, here it is. Are you a victim of manipulation? If you see no hope of your partner mending their ways, it’ll be better for you to take the exit of the relationship. Better off alone than with a person who doesn’t appreciate you.