Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship!

Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship!

Love is at times blind that it has the ability to look past all the faults and the bad habits in a person. But, it doesn’t need to be so blind that it could take everything from you. Maintain your self respect for all the reasons. You don’t have to let go of the self respect for anybody in the world. Give people enough reasons to respect you. Give your love some time to match up with you. If it doesn’t work out, then let go off the relationship. When it’s not worth it, there’s no point dragging it. [ Read: Reasons Why Relationships Hit the Three – Year Bump ]

Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship

If your partner is least interested to give in into the relationship, then it will be tiring for you too to make the thing work. Nobody should change for anybody, but adjustments could be made if you have a thing for somebody. Give it enough time to figure out whether it is beneficial to continue or not. It’s okay if this relationship is not one of your greatest ideas. Sometimes, things work and at times they don’t.

Here are some of the signs which you might be experiencing if this is not one of your greatest decisions!

  1. Never in the habit of confronting!

It seems bad when your partner is up for everything when things are going fine. But, they back out or prepare a wall right in front of you when things start to get tough. This clearly shows how equipped they are in avoiding problems. In this way, all they do is ignore you to the best they can. And, none of this kind of a relationship is acceptable when you are giving in your 100% and in return you get nothing. [ Read: 19 Clear Signs You Are Ready For a Serious Relationship


  1. Doesn’t familiar with the word ‘sorry’!

The blame game is the hardest thing in a relationship. A person who is very proud of himself to let go off the relationship is not worth the time. ‘Sorry’ can be one of the hardest words. But, it can strengthen the relationship to a large extent.

  1. Liar! Liar!

One can definitely not keep a relationship with the one who lies. If you constantly catch your partner lying, it means that he’s possibly hiding something from you. And if your partner is hiding something from you which results in constant fights, then there is no point of such a bond. [ Read: How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works ]

  1. Over possessive!

In the initial phase, traits like possessiveness and jealousy may appeal you as you may feel that your partner never wants to share you. But, with time, you may often feel chocked as your partner is constantly criticizing you of talking with someone of the opposite gender. These traits are there when insecurity is holding you from within.

  1. Mood swings!

Some people have a drastic ride of mood swings. At one moment, they are all fine, but as the other moment approaches, they are filled with rage and anger. It is hard to predict their mood. Even the weather forecasting can be done easily that that. [ Read: How Men Think About Relationships ]

  1. He constantly tries to change you!

You are the best as you like it. Nobody should change for anybody. And, if your partner constantly tries to change you according to his environment, then it’s high time for you to confront him your feelings. Criticism can be often perceived as a sign for betterment, but when somebody overdoes it, and then you may lose your self worth too.

  1. Your partner uses you!

Do you have that feeling that your partner constantly asks you for favours? Or may feel happy with you to hang out when you have loads of money, but seems to turn flaky when you’re a little broke? Or you relationship mostly revolves around physical aspects? These may be some of the signs that your partner uses you. [ Read: 7 Easy Steps to be Blissfully Happy in a Relationship ]

  1. Disrespect!

Being able to bear disrespect by the one you love can be one of the hardest things to a relationship. Even if he’s sweet to you, but harsh with other people, you may assume that once in a lifetime he will shower his roughness on you too.

  1. Too secretive!

Did you ever feel your partner is being secretive about something or the other constantly? Sometimes, it’s okay to respect the privacy of your significant other. But, it gets fishy when the things they always hide are relating to you. [ Read: How Self Respect Affects You and Your Relationship ]

  1. Emotionally far away!

At times, some people may take quite a time to open up with their partners. It may require a hell lot of patience. But, it’s worth the wait if it gets delivered at the right time. If it doesn’t, then you might be feeling that you are the only one who is reaching your partner.

These red flags can be easily identified if you keep your eyes and ears open! Don’t get too far in a relationship if it’s not meant to last forever!