13 Signs that the Friends Picked by You are Ruining Your Relationship!

13 Signs that the Friends Picked by You are Ruining Your Relationship!

Friends are definitely gems with who you can have the best times. But it is mandatory not to include any third person in a relationship of two, be it your best friend, even. They won’t think negatively of you, but misunderstandings creep in when a third person is involved. There might be some of them who can be worse too when it comes to love. Do you see yourself hopping from one relationship to the other just because your friends persuade you like that? Don’t worry; there is nothing wrong with you. All you need to do is trust yourself.

13 Signs that the Friends Picked by You are Ruining Your Relationship

The next time you’re interested in a girl, discuss it with your friend but remember not to consider all their suggestions and implement them without thinking anything. Suggestions are helpful to hear but should be implemented only when you are satisfied with them. [ Read: 10 #Relationship Deal Breakers To Watch Out For!


The reason for some bad deeds done by our best of friends might be because of jealousy, or superiority complex or anything of such sort. At times, even the best of friendships are ruined just because of infatuation or love.

Here are 13 of the times when even your best of #friends could turn out to be real enemies! Watch out!

  1. Friends who are always looking for your attention!

Sometimes friends find the idea of date-crashing fun but at times it can ruin a truly well planned date. Don’t give your #friends a chance to interfere when you are out for a date. It might actually piss your date off. [ Read: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup ]

  1. Friends who really want you to cheat!

Our friends might be involved in just casual dating but not in a serious relationship. But, if you are in a serious relationship and your friends try to manipulate you to do the same as they are doing, then it completely wrong on their part. It’s quite easy for anybody to be manipulated by their #friends. But, sometimes you need to create some distance from those #friends who don’t encourage you to be in something serious.

  1. Friends who constantly ping your lover!

There are some good #friends, but then there are many bad ones too. Some can be worse by flirting with your lover and keeping you in the dark. When you are not around, they might find ways to talk to them for hours which is odd. They might try to enter the picture which you two are sharing. [ Read: Conversation Between Boy And Girl After Break-up ]

  1. Your friends speak badly about you!

Do you see your friends treating you disrespectfully in front of your family or your lover? Your #friends should actually try to hook you up and help win her over so that you are happy, not make you look bad in front of her. Your real #friends would never put you down in front of your date or your lover.

  1. Your friends know about all your desires!

If you are good friends with somebody for a long time, then they must know your sexual desires. They might know about every little secret of yours that you want to fulfill. Your real friends would never blurt out your dirty little secrets in front of your lover; it may hinder your relationship from going any further. [ Read: Ten Things Never EVER To Do After a Breakup ]

  1. Friends of the other gender!

If you have some very good friend of the opposite sex, then you might not feel comfortable when they date somebody. They too may feel the same about you. Maybe your lover, too, may doubt you of having an affair with your best friend. If your best friend is touchy or talking to you at all day, then you might have some issues convincing your lover that there’s nothing like she’s thinking.

  1. Your friends judge your lover!

Those #friends who actually judge your lover about how she looks or she dresses up aren’t good for you. You too may start wondering if you have made the wrong choice. And if you start thinking over that issue, then you might think that you’ve made a wrong decision. [ Read: 9 Dramatic and Weird  Things We do Post Break-Up ]

  1. Constantly talking about your past relationships!

Past relationships are a sensitive topic. When you are out with your date, if your friends try to irritate you by bringing your ex’s name into the picture, then it’s completely wrong on their part.

  1. Friends who don’t give you enough time to speak to your lover!

Some #friends are just plain jealous if you give enough time to your lover. Don’t let people like this affect your relationship. Friends who try to make you ignore your lover by keeping you busy with other things are simply not acceptable. [ Read: Ways to get through Valentine Day after a break up ]

  1. They don’t show respect to your partner!

It is simply not acceptable that your #friends ignore or disrespect your lover. Be it bluntly over the face or back bitching, it doesn’t show as a good sign to your lover; she might feel that you, too, join the gang as soon as you separate from her.

  1. They don’t show the positive side!

Don’t agree to any of the advice given by your friends if they urge you to break up over the silliest issues. Good friends will always hope that your relationship works out some or the other way by giving decent advice. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone ]

  1. Friends who always flirt with you!

It doesn’t feel the right way when your friend tries to flirt with you every time you are with your date or your lover. It might make the situation dull and awkward between you two. Try to stay away from those kinds of #friends.

  1. Friends who know way too much!

Your friends don’t need to know every single detail about your partner. If your partner somehow seeks this information from somewhere, they might not accept it very willingly. Trust the right people to say the right thing. [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

At times, friends unknowingly ruin your relationship. But, most of the time, they do it just for fun. Know these tips and try not to lose any of your good friends or your lover.