Signs He’s Never Going To Propose To You.


Signs He’s Never Going To Propose To You.

When we are in relationship with Someone, there lightens a ‘Hope’ that One day He will Propose. Has he finally Proposed you? Not Yet! then, He’s Never Going to Propose You. It is easy to be in a relationship with Someone but it becomes Hard give a Commitment to Someone. It is a common act of boys that they avoid giving any commitment this is simply because He will never going to say the words you want to hear from Him. Men take time to understand their feelings and take even more time to convey their feelings to your partner.

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Reasons He’s Never Going To Propose You For  Sure…

It is not easy to be in a relationship for anyone when you know there is ‘No Future.’ Men are sometimes so insensitive that they tend to play with our emotions. They will always avoid to give a commitment to you. Hence it is better to End the relationship before its too late. is here to offer to a helping hand to know that He has no plans to Propose you.

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Lacks Faith in the Institution of Marriage: There is nothing to get amazed. This can be the most essential reason for Him behind not giving any kind of Promise to you. There are many people who have no faith in the institution of marriage. He might be of the opinion that marriage can never be the basis to be together with someone you love.

Indecisive: This too can be the reason why He might have not proposed you up till now. It is simply because He is himself unaware  what he wants in life. It is important to be firm while taking some of the decisions.

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No Interest: Yes! this is one of the Harsh reality of being in a relationship with someone. A boy will never propose a girl whom He considers to be a mere Time Pass. He is playing with your emotions and nothing else.

Sex Object: There are many boys who desires to be in a relationship with Someone. The sole reason of such men is to enjoy pleasure of love making without any pressure of responsibility and commitment. These men considers women has toys, tools and a mere Sex Object.

Hence, following are the main reasons when Men avoid to Propose their Partner.