10 Signs He Wants a Real Relationship With You

10 Signs He Wants A Real Relationship With You

Both of you have known each other for quite some time now. You enjoy each other’s company and look forward meeting on a regular basis.  Things are going real smooth and both of you realize that the feelings you share for each other would require a broader term than friendship to be encapsulated into. Maybe you are not in a hurry to get into a relationship with and want to buy some time before deciding as to how to take things ahead. What if he has already made his mind?  What if he is absolutely sure about his feelings and wants to take the plunge now. [ Read: 10 Qualities Of A Real Man In A Relationship ]

10 Signs He Wants a Real Relationship With You


Here are 10 signs he wants a real relationship with you:

  1. He spends a lot of time with you

After he is done with his professional commitments, he prefers spending all his time with you.  Earlier, he would spare some time for his friends but now all he wants is your company. He does not leave a single opportunity to spend his time with you. This indicates his interest in you has only grown over time and he seems to be getting more involved with you. [ Read: 10 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do In A Happy Relationship


  1. Makes sacrifices

He has made several sacrifices for you and has given up a lot of things for the larger good of the relationship. He would have never done what he did if he was not serious about the relationship. He made those sacrifices as his priority is the relationship and he did not want anything to come in the way of you and him. If he has given up on so many things, then he definitely intends to get into a serious relationship with you.

  1. Remembers the dates

Very few people can boast of having all the important dates pertaining to their relationship engraved in their mind. If he is one such guy, then you should not let go of him. The guy who remembers these dates would never forget you. From your birthday to the day you won an award, he remembers all the dates. He cares for you and knows the value of the important events in a relationship. [ Read: A Real Gentleman Only Lies To His Woman, If…… ]

  1. Talks about the future

A person who is looking for a fling or is in a casual relationship would never talk about the future. He would live in the present and refrain from getting into any conversation about the future. Similarly, when a guy discusses the future about the relationship, it means he is very serious about it and is looking for a relationship that lasts for a long time.

  1. Looks after you

A person who is in a casual relationship with you might treat you well but he will not be that concerned about you. A person who is madly in love with you will always look after you and make sure that you are okay at all times. He will not think twice before arriving at your doorstep as and when you ask him to meet. He will always keep your well-being  above  everything else. [ Read: Three Main Rules In Relationship ]

  1. Introduces you to his family

If he was not serious about you, he would have kept the relationship under wraps and have done everything possible to keep you away from his family. A man will never introduce a girl to his family unless he is serious about her and is sure about spending his entire life with her.

  1. Drops hints

You might be just about friends with him but there have been several occasions where in he has suggested that you take your friendship a step ahead and turn it into a relationship. If you have notice him dig this or have got even the slightest of inkling of it, do not ignore him. If you are interested too, tell him that. If not, inform him that you are not interested in getting into a relationship with him. [ Read: How to Fix A Relationship That’s Falling Apart ]

  1. Listens to you

He listens to everything you say and never says anything that contradicts to your views. There are times when you do not say the most appropriate thing but he still nods his head in agreement. When you realize that you were wrong, you wonder as to why he did not object to what you said. Only a person who is devoted to you would treat every wish of yours as his command.

  1. Talks about his past relationships

He has not any part of his life hidden from you and is honest about everything. He talks to you about his past relationships and states the reasons why they did not work. Probably, he wants to start everything on a fresh note now that he is sure that you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. [ Read: Proof That Long Distance Relationships Last Forever! This Will Make You Cry ]

  1. Protective about you

You should never control your partner or try to curb their freedom. Having said that, being a little protective is not a bad thing as it shows that you are concerned about them.  You should always try to look out for them and know their whereabouts so that you can reach out to them whenever they need you.

If you know that a guy wants a real relationship with you, you should talk to them about it in an upfront manner. Do not act as if you are oblivious of their feelings towards you. Of course, the decision rests upon you as you whether you accept their proposal or not.