10 Signs He Has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken

10 Signs He Has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken

These days, even when you are dating someone, you cannot be sure about the fact that if you are the only person in his life or not. There are chances that he is already taken. You have been in a relationship with him for a while but you can sense something wrong You want him to divert all his attention towards you but you feel the kind of commitment you expect from him is not really there. That makes you doubt him and wonder if there is somebody else in his life. [ Read: What to do if I Like Someone Who is Already in a Relationship? ]

10 Signs He Has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken


There are cases where we see that they are not really dating the guy but they convey many things through their gestures. Such things are done to make him realize that you are interested in him. He enjoys all the attention that he gets and does not let you know that he is already in a relationship. LikeLoveQuotes.com brings to some of the Interesting ways that can help You find if He is in a relationship.

Here are 10 signs that suggest he has a girlfriend and is already taken:

  1. He avoids taking you to crowded places.

You meet him often and have even gone out on dates with him but he never takes you to  crowded places. He prefers going out to secluded places, far away from the public eye. Earlier, you thought that maybe he wants nobody to intrude in your private moments but the reality is a bit different. Maybe he does not want anybody to see him hanging out with you. He fears being seen by people who know him. [ Read: Am I Being Taken For Granted? – 16 Discreet Signs


  1. Pictures with a girl

You must have friends from the opposite sex. You hang out with them and click pictures with them. You are okay with him hanging out with his female friends and he does not object to you going out with your male friends. However, you have come across several pictures which feature him with a girl whom you have never met. You asked him about this girl and he said she is a friend. Why hasn’t he ever introduced you to her, you wonder.

  1. Meet sporadically

You make plans with him but he fails to be on time. Instead, he will meet you at odd hours. He avoids meeting you according to your choice. He often lands up at your doorstep at midnight. There must be something or someone who keeps him occupied at regular hours because of which he fails to meet you. [ Read: Some People Won’t Love You No Matter What You Do ]

  1. Does not introduce you to friends and family

He never introduce you to his friends and family. He will always manage to find a way out to avoid taking you to his parent’s place.

  1. Does not let you touch his phone

He never lets you touch his phone. He gets angry when you take his calls when he is not around. You have no issue with him checking your phone but he has forbidden you from touching his phone. There could be several things in his phone that could expose his real intentions.You call him several times in a day but very rarely does he pick up his phone. He mostly remains unavailable to answer your calls. When he finally calls you back, he is there with a lame excuse. [ Read: How to Tell if Your Flirtation-ship is Headed Nowhere ]

  1. He does not meet your friends

He will try his level best to avoid meeting your friends. He will always find a way out to escape such situations.

  1. Relationship status

If you guys are in a relationship and he refuses to acknowledge the same on social networking websites, then there is something wrong. Being in a committed relationship is more important than updating it on social media.

  1. Dodges the question

You have known him for a while and enjoy his company. But, whenever you inquire about his relationship status and whether he has someone in his life, he ducks the question and changes the topic. He might have the fear that if he tells you he has a girlfriend, you will not give enough attention to him. [ Read: What to do When You Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else ]

  1. Seems distant

Even though you guys are close, he is careful not to cross the line which falls between being friends and getting into a relationship. He does not move away from you but he does not even get too close either. When you feel both of you are getting extremely close and he seems to be interested in you, he moves a step backward. Even though he finds you attractive, the fact that he is in a relationship does not let him get too close to you.

 Therefore, we cannot exercise control over our feelings. Falling for someone is never in our hands. When you are in love with someone, you never see that if he is single or he has been taken already.