Signs He Doesn’t Love You Deeply Anymore


Signs He Doesn’t Love You Deeply Anymore

Is your relationship a bit funky lately? Not able to vibe with him? Not sure if he is still deeply in love with you? You could be feeling that way due to many reasons. It might be issues that you are each deeply insecure about, or things that are close to your heart. Continue reading, if you spot several of these signs, you can be confident that he doesn’t love you deeply anymore.

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Trust is an integral part of relationship. The day he lost his trust in you is the day he stopped loving you deeply. It could go the other way too. One way to figure out his love for you is by looking at how honest is he to you. You have started doubting him? He has started lying to you? He no longer stands true to his words? All these are signs of him not in love with you. You fall in love with a person’s flaws and imperfections. If your man starts complaining you for your imperfections and calls out your flaws, he does not love you deeply. Is he judging you or is he comparing you with someone else? Then he is definitely not in love with you. If he is really filled with love for you, he would never try to seek it elsewhere. Is he flirting with others? He does it right in front of you? This could mean only one thing. He is not in love with you.

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When he is deeply in love with you, all he would do is talk abut you. Do things for you, try to keep you happy and satisfied in the relationship. He will always put extra attention towards your needs and your happiness. He will never forget a thing about you or for you. But now it’s all about him? If feels like you are in a one-sided relationship? Well, you are in a one-sided relationship, the moment he stopped doing things for you. He would hardly focus on you and would get irritated if you try to get involved in his life. Love needs respect for each other. Without love, respecting someone would not be possible.  He started insulting you? He is mocking you in front of others? All this means, he doesn’t respects you anymore. Want more tips to see if he lost interest in you? Let me know in comments below.