Signs He Is Going To Propose You – Marry Me!


Signs He Is Going To Propose You – Marry Me!

Girl, you will blush and dance in joy, cause your man will be asking you to marry him very soon. Yes, he is going to propose you and ask you to be his lady luck. Are you ready for the great moment?? Wait,why that grunted look?? Did you just fight with him cause he is spending very less on you?? Or did you just scream out for that “last seen” but no reply??

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Signs He Is Going To Propose You - Marry Me!

God! Baby, he is just preparing himself for the special day and he is spending less cause he is saving that amount to buy that special piece of the ring for you.Want to know what the other signs are?? Here we go…….whooshhh.

1/He is taking extra care of you and your EMOTIONAL BAGGAGES

Unlike the other time when he used to shout at you or simply used to advise you, but now, the situations has completely changed. He is actually pampering you even more than before. I mean your every tantrum or your every wish, he is ready to fulfil. Even, those little surprises like waiting for you after your office, calling you to come down late in the night as he is waiting outside your gate or even, surprising you with a nice bunch of customised chocolates. Babe, he is going to propose you.

2/”I will give my kids all the comforts they deserve”

Is it the topic of discussion lately?? Has he been really showing keen interest in his future kids and that too with you?? If your answer is yes, then be sure that very soon he will be asking you to marry him. I am serious! Trust me, he will.

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3/He is showering you with random questions like.

“What is your favourite colour?” or “How will you like me to dress during our wedding?? Will I wear a white or a grey?” or something more enticing like “Hey baby, I was thinking to go to the beach after we get married”. Well, the questions have all the answers in it.

4/He is forcing you to pamper yourself more and more

From visiting the parlour to forcing you to rest at your home, he just wants you to look THE BEST on your wedding day and much before that, the day he will propose you to marry him.

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5/ He is taking extra care of himself too

My my! Is he going to the gym some extra more days, like an extra hour?? Is he also going to the parlour to get his facial done very often?? Stop biting your nails and stop blushing, it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for so long.

6/He is coming home more than very frequently

He is visiting home very frequently. Talking to your family and spending some cosy time with them, he is actually taking that extra effort to mingle with his going to be in-laws. He is actually preparing both him and your parents to ask them for your hand. “Marry me”.

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7/He looks into you all the time

Just keeps on staring at you, notices that every minute detail about you. Like how you nod your head, how you do that nose trick, how you sneeze and every nonsensical little thing. Why?? Just because he is loving you even more and waiting to make you his forever.

Signs He Is Going To Propose You - Marry Me!

And are you ready for that big day?? You know what is the best feeling in LOVE?? It is to marry the person you love and more than that, a dream proposal. That phrase “Will you marry me” , is like something to make your heart skip a beat in excitement. Those tears of happiness, those excited yet a bit tensed smile and that kiss after that, everything is so special. I believe, this is the beginning of a new world and a new chapter. Live it with love.