Sign’s You Are Dating a Manchild


Sign’s you are dating a Manchild!

We always want our man to be sensible, caring, matured and responsible. But, what if the guy you’re dating turns out to be a Manchild?? What will you do if you actually have to act as a babysitter more than a girlfriend to your man?? Brace up yourself before it’s too late and looks for these signs.

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Sign's You Are Dating a Manchild

1/Too lazy to clean or take a bath:

We all know how men are, they love to stay in the same cloth without having a bath and brushing their teeth. But this particular manchild guy is kind of different. He is so shabby that even flushing the commode after pooping seems a huge work to him. Or, picking up the plate after having his food seems like picking up a 10kg rock to him

He loves to scatter his things here and there, loves to eat food like a mess and loves to stay uncleaned as far possible. Whenever you visit his house, the first thing you’ll feel is the tangy smell of some 3 days old garbage lying in the kitchen. Don’t be surprised if you find the sink filled with dishes or glasses, cause you are dating an immature guy who considers you as his babysitter more than his girlfriend.

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2/ He cries at “THE DROP OF An HAT” :

Just imagine you and your guy went for a fun hangout with friends and family, suddenly, your man starts crying or acting like an angry sheep. He stands up, taps his feet and shouts out saying “No, this is not right. I am going”, how would you feel???????

To him, everything he says has to be right. To him each game you play, he has to be the winner. And if by chance somebody pulls his leg, his eyes starts watering. To him, he is the best and everything he does has to be appreciated. He can’t bear criticism or scoldings. His face becomes like that of an old monk bottle, and only the lord can save you from his tantrums.

3/ Self-centered and a mama’s boy:

He is always a self-centered person, walks or wakes up for his own needs. And is never bothered about your feelings or wishes. To him,he is the supreme and rest are invisible. He is always into “Hi mom”, “where are you mom”, “I want mom”, “MOM MOM MOM MOM!”. He is always into his mother’s cupboard (SARCASTICALLY) and peeps out for his own need. Not to forget, his mother also treats him like a 3 years old kid.

Just imagine, it’s your first night after marriage and the guy instead of pampering you, searches for his mother. And out of sheer excitement or maybe that extra care his mother also peeps out from nowhere and looks for his immature son. These kind of people are really selfish and one should never marry or continue their relationship with a guy like this.

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4/ You have to bear all his finances, etc:

Starting from electricity bills to going for the grocery to looking after the house, etc every minute detail has to be taken care by you. He is never careful with this money and tends to spend lavishly without thinking. He ignores your call during any such situations where he has to act like a matured person or look after his spending’s.

5/ Emotionally unavailable:

They are not bothered if it’s not their problem and is generally ignorant during such cases. No matter how bad or vulnerable you feel, manchildren will never try to understand your problem. They are so engrossed with their own life and own world that, they can’t see anything beyond that.

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6/ No constructive plan for the future:

To him, the word FUTURE is like an unknown language. No planning or investment for the future and when asked about one he ignores or tries to get away from the situation by behaving like a cry baby.

7/ If he falls sick, only GOD can save you :

It’s the last thing you would expect in your life. When a manchild falls sick, even if it’s a small cough or simply cold, he’ll behave as if he is suffering from some incurable disease.

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8/ Never keeps his promise:

He might have promised  to take his life seriously or buy you a nice pair of shoes, but that was only to stop a feud for the time being. Months change to years but his promise are never fulfilled.

Sign's You Are Dating a Manchild

Falling in love is not in our hand, but, dealing or making the situation adoptive is definitely in our hand. So, have patience and try to deal with your manchild boyfriend in a different manner, understand their psychological state,  explain them their flaws and try your level best. If they improve (TRY TO) then go along and if the guy is too reluctant to improve himself, then it’s better to pack your bags and say goodbye.