Is it Possible to Show Love Without Words?


Is it Possible to Show Love Without Words?

What is your definition of love? How do you express this feeling of love to a person? Can you show love without words? All these questions are to be answered. Love is a feeling which one feels for the other person. It is a feeling that is extraordinary. It is a promise which two people make to one another. It is a feeling which cannot be felt overnight. In simple words, love is felt, it cannot be expressed in words. You just feel it and fall for it more every passing day. Love is not only about romantic words you say to you lover. John Green, one of the famous novelist said “Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them.” Therefore, love is not about making promises but is about keeping them in anyway. It is simply how you tell your man you love him without words.

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Can You Show Your Love Without Words.

We are very well acquainted with the idiom  that ‘Actions speak louder than words’. This means that love knows no barriers it can be showed without words. Now the question arise how to convey your feeling to your lover without words? I think it is easy to convey your feelings to your man by saying those three magical words to your lover but you add more meaning to those three words ‘I love you’,when you showcase your love without words to your man through different ‘Gestures’. In the present time when life brings new challenges everyday, it is practically not possible to be with your man always and just express your feeling to him. In  such cases it is your small gestures that convey your  love without words to him. Hence, show your love through your actions than mere words.

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Love can be expressed through little gestures that both the lovers do for one another. It is very important that the person you love should know that he is being loved my someone so much. This is because it ensures them to understand how much valued they are for you. Love can be showed without words by  making time for him. No matter how busy you are simply making time even for few minutes conveys it all. As it is said ‘Nobody is too busy in life, its all about priorities.’ Make him feel that he is  your priority not your option. Another sweet gesture that you can do for your lover is ‘give him surprises.’ Everyone love surprises even he does. Take him to the places he like, make surprise visits to his office, reach home before your regular time to spend some extra quality time with him. Such small surprises are enough to express the love without words.

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Physical contact is the most intimate kind of love. You just need to give him ‘ hugs’ ‘a forehead kiss ‘ when it is least expected by him. Hold his hand when he is distressed and make him feel you are there with him. Words are not enough to say what gestures can convey to you. One more way to show love without words is when you make them feel your presence even in your absence. Sometimes even a ‘call’ is enough to make someone feel that they mean a world to you. Sending love notes with a sweet message is also sufficient to make them understand that they mean the world to you. Thus, you need to understand though words are important but actions are more powerful. It is only through little actions love can be expressed without words. Actions leave an everlasting mark in the mind of the lover. So not only express this feeling of yours to him with the help of words but make him feel your love without words through your gestures.