Should You Really Reveal if You Have Slept With Your Ex?

Should You Really Reveal if You Have Slept With Your Ex

Should You Really Reveal if You Have Slept With Your Ex?

All of us have a past which consists of some good memories and a few bad experiences. Even if we put our bad experiences behind us, we cannot undo them. Most of us get into few relationships before finding the right person whom we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Relationships often involve moments of intimacy and we end up having a sexual relationship with a person whom we might break up with later. If you have slept with someone whom you dated in the past, you might be in two minds about whether you should divulge this information to the person you are dating currently or not. You want to be honest with your partner and want them to know all about your past relationships but at the same time you are worried about the adverse effects it could have on your relationship with them. [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Staying Friends with Your Ex Does not Work



The first question you should ask yourself before you take this step is why you want him to know about this. Is there any particular event that has triggered this thought into your mind?  There could be various reasons why a person would want to talk about their past relationships to their current partner. Some people feel a little burdened by the fact that there partner is oblivious to some vital information about their past relationship. They do not know as to how their partner would react to this piece of information but hiding it from them is the last thing they want to do. Maybe you feel the urge to talk about this to your partner as they believe that you never had a sexual encounter in the past. You are not ashamed about it and thus, you do are not reluctant about talking about it. These thoughts also come into your mind because of some conversation that could have taken place between you and your partner. Both of you talk about your past relationships and you think you should have told him something which you did not. [ Read: Step by Step Guide to Get Your Ex To Love You Again ]


It would be quite difficult to predict as to what would be the consequence of your confession. Different people react to the same thing differently. If you have spent a lot of time with your partner, you must be knowing them well and familiar with heir temperament. Based on your knowledge of their personality, you can derive a rough estimate about his reaction.  If he is a reasonable person and fairly understanding, he would have no issues with it and will appreciate the fact that you talked about this to him. You have to take the not-so-bright aspect of this situation into account too. Your confession could end up infuriating him and he might want to part ways with you. If he does that, you must not try to persuade him to change his mind and let him go. Often, people tend to be judgemental about these things and try to make you feel guilty for what you did. You must know that you did not commit any mistake and what you did was a result of being in a relationship in the past. There is no reason why you should feel guilty and if he chooses to leave you, it is his loss. [ Read: Why Your Ex Still Crosses Your Mind From Time to Time ]

To do or not to do

It is very important to be honest with your partner and let them know everything about your life. However, this particular event happened in the past and you have all the right not to discuss it if you are not comfortable with it. To talk about it or not is a choice that you are going to make. If you think that sharing this information with your partner is important, then go ahead. In fact, this is a good way of figuring out whether your partner loves you or not. If they really love you and have a broad outlook towards life, they will not have any issue with the fact that you slept with your ex in the past. People who are very conservative and orthodox will judge you for your actions. You should not pay heed to what these people say as it holds no value. If your partner judges you he belongs to this breed of people who suffer from a mind filled with archaic thoughts. You should not let anybody dictate the kind of life you lead and the choices you make. [ Read: 12 Foolproof Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX And Start A New Life! ]

The things that we do in the past can often come in the way of a bright future. If you decide to reveal this information to your partner, you must be proud of your decision. You are being honest to the person you love and doing this to ensure there is nothing that comes between the two of you in the future.