Chasing him, Loving him, Missing him – Should I Stop or Keep Going: What to do?

Chasing him, Loving him, Missing him – Should I Stop or Keep Going: What to do?

I’m tired of fighting for the one I love but I don’t want to surrender. It’s been 1 year of chasing him, loving him, missing him, and I don’t want to stop loving him. Should I stop or keep on chasing him?

A member of our Facebook page is really tiered chasing her love for almost an year now. She needed some help to decide whether to give up on him or continue chasing. So she approached us for help and we posted it in our page and below mentioned are some top fan suggestion’s that helped the sender decide whether to fight or give up.

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Chasing him, Loving him, Missing him

1# Someone Shared a Real Life Experience:

I keep on asking myself the same question for about almost 2 years until now. Should I chase him or let go the love I felt for him? The answer is I don’t know. Maybe because either of two will make me hurt. Maybe my heart is not yet ready for the outcome. But, I think only our heart can tell. When the time comes that our heart is already ready to be hurt that’s the time that our question can be answered whether to chase or to let go.

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2# Giving Up is Not a Bad Idea:

Giving up on someone is not a bad idea at all. And what if you got that person after so much fights? He will never love you the way you want to be loved so it’s better if you find someone who makes an effort to be with you. Someone who would do things to make you happy. Someone who respects you the way you are. Just let him go and move on

3# From a Guys Prospective:

As a guy I’m gonna say that, if he is too busy for you just forget about him and find someone better, you never know maybe there’s someone who’s been waiting for you, while you been chasing the wrong guy.

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4# You Deserve Better:

Once you already have the tired feeling of fighting alone, trust me you are ready to let him go. The more longer you wait, the more painful you’ll be. Let him go, girl. You deserve better. Don’t force someone to stay if he wants to leave. If you love him, make him happy. Let him go. And if he really loves you, he will come back.

5# Don’t Try to Hang In There:

Stop!!!!! If he loves you, you won’t have to chase him, if he doesn’t love you, move on he’s not worth your time.!!!! I know, been there done that, got the scars to prove it. After multiple years of trying to “hang in there” I had the good sense to say enough is enough, I now have a man who is every woman’s dream. Loving, kind,considerate,hard working, sweet, a gentleman and a gentle man. Pray and ask the Lord to send you the one for you, then sit back and wait. Good things come to those who wait!!!!

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6# Wait for him to Realize:

I guess you should keep on chasing. Well Common one day I am sure he’ll realize that he lost a diamond when he was busy finding stones. I had the same kinda story but My lover loves me now Problems come try to survive them. It is just the test of your love, but wait you really need to ask yourself “Is it worth that?” If your heart says “No” then just give up no matter what it is. My heart Answered me “Yes” Now It’s your heart that need to decide.

7# A Real Life Experience:

I have came to a conclusion that it takes both to chase after each other in order for a relationship to work! I have been chasing my girlfriend for a year in April. I trip head over heels in love for her, message her tell her how much I love her, spent quality time with her kids, I even go out of my way to do that. But it seems to not work and she wonders why she cannot be in a real relationship.

What else do you suggest if she doesn’t love him? Let us know in comments below. Got some questions that needs to be answered? Send it to our Facebook page. Hope this article really helped you, do share it with someone in need.