She Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend

She Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend

She Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend

Sometimes I feel that love is such a casual feeling in today’s time… When I met my ex-husband close to a decade ago, I thought that I had found a partner for life. I’m sure we all feel the same when we fall in love – like that one person who is capable of filling that peculiar vacuum has entered our lives, like this person is that last piece of jigsaw puzzle to make things perfect, and that we will cherish them till death dawns upon us. Yet, all this just sounds unrealistic in today’s world.

I do not say this with any bitter feelings; it is just a fact of the present times. Love is not a fairy-tale. Love is practical. I shared a wonderful relationship with my husband until we got to a certain stage in our careers and wanted different things from life. So, when our ideas about life clashed, we just decided to go our separate ways instead of working out the differences. That’s what I mean by love is become practical. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Husband ]

Your boyfriend and I have been through many ups and downs and know each other like a reflection in the mirror. We have trusted each other blindly, fought with each other ruthlessly and love each other madly. He is a sort of person who will give you his all if he likes you. I’m sure are already aware of what a kind partner he is – he will care as if you were his own life. [ Read: Husband Writes An Open Letter to His Wife ]

The one characteristic about him that I have always appreciated is his enthusiasm about life. His big group of friends will prove what a fun-loving person he is. He is not only the support system for the people who matter to him, but he also knows how to have a great time along with everyone! They say to know a man, meet his friends; so when you meet his friends, you know what a gem of a person you’ve got sitting by your side! I have many memories which make me smile even today and I am sure you will be gifted by the same! [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

He is a very smart man and I admire how quick his career graph has moved up. However, he is sort of an emotional fool – his heart rules his mind which is why when his relationships are stable he has that excited spring in his walk and talk! With some support and push from his love, he gets an extra boost to achieve more. Since I was too engrossed with my work, I was unable to give him my all but if you can, I am sure it will work wonders for him. Not only his work, but his entire outlook to life will change. He is the sort of person who loves to give love and receive it too; and if he has love in life he will reach great heights. [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

Our kids are very similar to him, so I’m sure they will get along with you! I do not have any sour grapes left from my failed marriage and will see to it that they too are not affected by it. Both of them are too young to understand the complicated relationship we all share on this day, but if they get love everything will become simple. As a new person in their life, don’t be disheartened they don’t reciprocate to your kindness. You should try to be their friend rather than a mother and build your relationship. [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

Lastly, as a woman I would advise you to follow your dreams rather than compromising them for the man you love. Surely, you must give top priority to your love, but know that the investment will be worth it at the end of your life. After all, you live only once!