She Loves Me More than Anything but Treats me as a Friend – What to do?

She Loves Me More than Anything but Treats me as a Friend – What to do?

Question Asked:
I have a girlfriend who I love more than anything but she treats me as a friend. I have never felt this way about anyone. At first, she felt the same way about me, but as time moved on, it’s more like she sees me as a friend more than anything. We live together too. I feel like she is hiding a lot from me. Such as texts messages and other messages. And who she talks to. I don’t care if she talks to anyone. Even an ex, but if you have to lie or hide talking to them, that has to mean something is being hidden, right? She says that she loves me more than anything but I only get treated as a friend pretty much. And other people get more attention than I’m almost sure she doesn’t want to be with me. She says she wants me and always loves me more, but it really doesn’t feel like it, and she doesn’t act like it. Plus, the hiding things. I’m so confused. I just don’t know what to do. Please help.

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She Loves Me More than Anything but Treats me as a Friend - What to do

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Fans Suggestion:
I myself have done this with my current boyfriend and I regret it so much. I hide my text messages because he always overreacted on things that I do with my friends and all. There might be something he did wrong that makes the girl act that way.

2) If this is your feelings then maybe you need to believe in yourself and must have trust in both and my belief is that friendship is one of the important foundations to a good relationship so cherish that and work on it in that way. Otherwise move on and see if you can live with out her and that friendship GOOD LUCK.

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3) You have to confront her for your peace of mind…… The longer you let it go on, the longer you will become doubtful of yourself! If you are giving the best of yourself then she should be as well. Love is patient, kind, does not anger nor does it boast! Communication is key. God bless! I hope things work out!

4) Is this a relationship of convenience? Does she need you as a roommate? If she is being sneaky and hiding things….maybe try asking to look at her phone and see how she reacts.

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5) Ask her directly. I mean in a serious one. (hold her hands, talk in a low voice, control your emotions , and lastly look in her eyes) I hope it would help.

6) Wow…. This is terrible…. actions really do speak louder than words so that is what matters most…. she must be in denial if you tell her about this and she has no idea what you are talking about….

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