She Earns more than I do, Should I Propose Her?

She Earns more than I do, Should I Propose Her?

Question Asked:
She earns more than I do, should I go ahead and propose to her when I know that she earns more than I do? Practical and honest answers please!

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She Earns more than I do, Should I Propose Her?

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Fans Suggestion:
Before you do it, talk finances with her. You must settle it with her. If she does not mind it, then she is one in a million. Don’t let her go.

2) A big YES. make her status in life as your inspiration to succeed also. And if you cant,there’s always another way to make it up to her even not on financial way.

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3) Why not if you and that girl loved each other, but find a way next on how you improve your finances, at-least to equal with hers.

4) If you love some one you don’t care about what she have…. The important thing is that you love here and she love you too…. Then go on.

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5) Why not! Love, honesty, truthiness and fidelity mattered.. Until you won’t stop sharing your time and effort to provide, it’s not an issue.

6) These days someone will always make more but in relationships it should be yalls not yours or mine and never throw it in her face

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7) Yes go ahead and propose because eventually you both will be one and your pay package will be one too.

8) No. It obviously bothers you that she earns more than you, and this will be a source of contention between you two.

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