She Didn’t Text Back? This Is Why.


She Didn’t Text Back? This Is Why.

It totally sucks when she’s not texting you back. Doesn’t it? If she is not replying, either she is busy or her interest level has gone down. If she is busy, don’t worry, she will reply back once she get’s time to do so. But if she is not responding because she lost interest in you, you need to be worried. There could be multiple reasons why she doesn’t text back. We will see few of those reasons in this article.

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Maybe your messages made her uncomfortable, she doesn’t know how to respond or what to respond to that. This could be a reason why she didn’t text back. Cause she doesn’t know what to reply, maybe she is worried if you would like her reply. If she doesn’t asks you any questions and gives short replies that too only to few messages, she is clearly not interested in you. The few replies she does are just to be polite. When she feels like you are crossing the line, she will simply stop texting you back. Stop messaging, if you want to know what she really thinks of you just send the same message one more time. If she ignores you again, it clearly means she doesn’t want you asking such questions, or any questions. Don’t be creepy too, she is not going to reply to that.

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Don’t panic and check your phone every five minutes. If she is interested in you, she will text you back. If she doesn’t, she is not interested in you. It’s as simple as that. Maybe she figured out you are not the one for her, maybe her priorities changed. Maybe she found someone better. Maybe she was forced to not text back. We can never really guess. Maybe she is actually busy and can’t afford to spend her whole day with her mobile in her hand. Maybe you are actually boring her. And she is loosing interest in you and doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. And is busy talking to another guy, witch who she is in a relationship with and you are just a friend for her. Obviously she is not going to flirt with you or text back in seconds when she is interested in another guy. Maybe you are creeping her out by trying to fast-rack your friendship to a relationship with way too many messages. So these are some of the many reasons why your messages are being ignored by her alays.