Sexual Tension: Are You Going Through It


Sexual Tension: Are You Going Through It

Have you started feeling for Someone? Are you Feeling Sexual Tension within? is here to help you when do you feel the sexual tension towards someone. But before we get into it let us tell you that Sexual Tension and Sexual Attraction are two different things. Sexual attraction is not permanent. It is temporary and it may change with time. On the other hand Sexual Tension is something strong and permanent. It is something which is hard to ignore. This is because may be you are already too attached that person.Let’s Find out Keep Reading !!

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Let’s Know All About it

There are times when both the parties will be trying hard to get over the lustful drive. But it is very difficult sometimes to get over this lustful feeling. Let us find out what happens when one undergoes such a feeling.

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Eye Contact: Are you both getting stuck each other more often? If you are unable to take eyes of each other. It is a sign of some kind tension which is definitely related to lust.

Current Flowing: Is current flowing into your body whenever you bump into each other? His presence and slightest touch gives a current in your body. Then, it is definitely something more than sexual attraction.

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Dirty Talks: Dirty Talks adds fuel to fire. If your mind becomes dirty whenever you see your love interest. Then you need to do something about it.

Difference in Voice: When boys or girls feel sexual tension, the first thing that happen to them is the change in voice. The voice of boys become more firm. And the voice of girls becomes more gentle and extra soft.

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Alone Time: Have you ever wished to have some alone time with the love interest. If you find stupid reasons just to get some alone time with him. It is simply your sexual attraction is making you do such things.

Trying to gain attention: Are both are trying to attract and gain each other attention. Sexual tensions can be conveyed to one another simply by a long eye contact towards each other.

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Thus, when we feel physically attracted towards someone such tensions are witnessed by everyone.