What Are Seven Days After Valentine Day – Most Of You Don’t Know About

What Are Seven Days After Valentine Day – Most Of You Don’t Know About

Do you know what are the seven days after Valentine Day? The entire week from 7th February to 14th February is celebrated as Valentine week with great happiness and pomp. A Valentine week comprise of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentine Day. Hearts meet all over the world and all the couples paint the town red together. What happens after this valentine week though? Does love suddenly die out and everyone goes back to their routine? Some of us may not be aware, but there are certain days celebrated even post the celebration of Valentine Day. [ Read: Valentine Week – What does each day mean? ]

Seven Days After Valentine Day - Most Of You Don't Know About, After Valentine Day
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Here are the dates and the meanings of the seven days after Valentine Day celebration.

14th February – Valentine Day

This is the most romantic day in the world. When guys will propose to their girls, newly-weds will get away together and old couples will renew their vows. The entire month of February revolves around this special day of Valentine Day, the day of love. But what happens next, is for you to see! [ Read: Still Single? Celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Singles Way! ]

15th February – Slap Day ( After Valentine Day )

Post the declaration of your feelings and love on the Valentine day comes the terrified Slap day. If she does not like you or might not feel the same way about you, she is sure to give you a slap as her response to your emotions. Guys usually dread this day and are often seen with their hands on their cheek in order to avoid any slaps for the numerous girls they proposed. This can be quite embarrassing for the guys when in front of their friends.

16th February – Kick Day ( After Valentine Day )

If the girl you proposed during the Valentine Week, is already committed to a handsome guy, and you go gag a over her, you are bound to receive a few physical kicks from her soul mate for making a pass at her with him around. Nobody wants to share their partner with anybody, especially not on Valentine Day. Get ready to get butt- kicked if you have hit on a committed woman during this Valentine season for her partner is sure to beat you black and blue. [ Read: Ways To Warm-Up Long Distance Valentine Day Celebrations ]

17th February – Perfume Day ( After Valentine Day )

You can compare your love and feelings to a perfume and hope it spreads everywhere in the air around her and she smells it. Hopefully, she is instantly drawn towards you and your hard work pays off. Alternatively, gift her lovely perfume fragrance that she might love and fall in love with you all over again.

18th February – Flirting Day ( After Valentine Day )

On this day, you turn up the heat again by initiating flirting with her. Flirt with her in a subtle manner and make sure she is enjoying it too. You can also start flirting with some other female you have had your eyes on and hope she gets the signal. Don’t confess your feelings yet on this day. Just have a light hearted, funny and flirty talks with the girl you like a lot. [ Read: Hidden Messages Behind The Different Colors Of Valentine Roses ]

19th February – Confession Day ( After Valentine Day )

On this day, confess your true feelings of love to the girl you have had your eyes on for the entire fortnight. Go ahead with a red rose and confess how you feel deep in your heart about her. Tell her how much you like her and miss her.

20th February – Missing you day ( After Valentine Day )

Depending on what she feels about you, she might revert with a yes or a no to your feelings. If by chance she says yes, you will definitely end up missing her eons on this day after the public declaration of love for her. You will keep thinking about her throughout the day and want to see her every second hour. This whole day will be spent missing your loved one. [ Read: 9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World ]

21st February – Break Up day ( After Valentine Day )

Eventually when she doesn’t really respond or display same signs of love for you, you have to make up your mind and break up with her. Or worse yet, she might approach you and ask you to stop pursuing her. This is the official ending for your Valentine Day pursuits and your exhaustive search for the perfect Valentine for this year at least.

Have you ever had an experience of any of these days after the Valentine Day? If yes, share your experiences with us in the comments section. Where you aware about these days after Valentine Day?