Send The Right Texts to Keep The Romance Alive


Send The Right Texts to Keep The Romance Alive.

So what if you both are not able to stay connected 24*7, meet less or even have limited conversations,sending the right texts can make your partner feel your presence even when you’re miles apart. Here are some made up and published messages you can save to send your beloved.

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Send The Right Texts to Keep The Romance Alive

#Text No.1 :

Our love was not destined by the almighty,

Our journey was not broken by those harsh words,

Our life stayed like a beautiful garden each day.

Because of “UR” presence OUR life became a life worth living.

I love you my love, and with each passing days, it’s becoming more concrete.

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#Text No. 2:

Dear Love,

It’s been a week and we’ve not seen each other, we’ve not sent texts to each other,we’ve not hugged each other. I miss your warmth, your perfumed shirt is still with me. Lying in the same way you left last week. I hug that whenever I feel low and miss you terribly. Your smell is everywhere over my body, your touch is always with me like a shadow. I don’t know what I am saying, but all I want to say is I love you and I just love you.

Your’s and only your’s- Sunshine.

#Text No.3 :

When you’re beside me I feel safe.

When you hold my hands while crossing the road, I feel secured.

When you say I LOVE YOU, I feel like staying in your arms.

When you send surprise texts to pep up my mood, I feel like nobody knows me better than you.

When you hold me tight for a beer hug, I feel like I am in the safest place on this earth.

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#Text No. 4 :

Honey! How will I tolerate 4 children’s?? It’s impossible.

Husband: 4 children????? We have 3 babies, from where did the fourth one come??

Honey: You are my fourth baby and the naughtiest too.

#Text No. 5 :

Not much is simple in this world, but you make me happy. And that is simple to me. Your smile, your innocent eyes, your playful texts, your sulky voice, your big bulgy nose, your elephant teeth and above all, your support . Thank you for standing beside me as a pillar and supporting me each day. I love You and none can replace you.

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#Text No. 6 :

She: I am madly in love with you

He: I could stare at the text for days

She: When you’re done staring at your phone, look up so that I can kiss you.

He: You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.

She: You’ re the most expensive feeling I ever had.

#Text No. 7 :

You may fall from the sky,

you may fall from the tree

but the best way to fall is in love with YOU.

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#Text No. 8 :

Don’t be in my head for 24*7, or else I’ll end up kidnapping you and keep you with me for eternity.

#Text No. 9 :

You know what I dream of???

He : No! What??

She: I see, I am making your morning tea, ironing your shirt, keep the towels ready, waking up your two naughty children and waking you up with a good morning kiss.

After you come home tired from work, I make a good glass of black coffee and your favourite FISH and RICE for dinner.

He: Shhh! No more words. I’ll come home and marry you now.

She : That will be the happiest moment of my life.

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#Text No. 10:

She : Why don’t you quit smoking?? This is not good for your health.

He : The day I’ll hold my child in my hand, that day I’ll quit smoking and drinking both.

#Text No. 11 :

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say I love you.

Send The Right Texts to Keep The Romance Alive

Texts can be romantic and expressive both if compiled accordingly. So, without wasting any further time, make your partner feel special by these romantic texts.