Seduction Techniques to Use On Men


Seduction Techniques to Use On Men

Is your guy not showing you attention? He doesn’t really seems to care? Would you like to get him turned on? Would you like to learn some super cool seduction techniques that would get you guaranteed results? Worry no more. I’ll help you out with some short tips and tricks.

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The most obvious and almost always working thing is dress. Yes what you wear plays a major role in turning him on. Show off every part of your body that you know he can’t resist. Not all men are attracted to provocative clothing, you can wear something that flatter your figure. It will work just the same. Almost all men like to gaze into a woman’s eyes. So let your eyes speak, maintain a proper eye contact when he is looking at you. Speak through them, let him know what you want him to do, it is possible to do all these just through those eyes. So use it to it’s best. Even if it makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, don’t look down. Be intimate through words. Ask him questions that would make him answer back intimately. If you want to take things up a gear, then you may want to try some of our dirty questions.

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If your eyes, words and silence fails to turn him on, do not worry I got couple more seduction techniques that would help you for sure. Your body language can show a man that you’re interested in him more so than anything you say. One thing you should beware of is that he should never feel like you are desperate. This will make him loose interest in you. Act as if you are difficult to get. Flirt with him in a way that it doesn’t sound desperate. Touch him, touch him often, do it in a way that it seems accidental. If he feels that you are doing it intentionally and very often, he might not feel anything. Be natural. Would you like to read more tips on how to seduce a man? Let me know in comments below.