Seduction : How Men Play with Your Emotions?


Seduction : How Men Play with Your Emotions?

Do you know How to get a Woman Head Over Heels In Love With You? You know How Men Play with Your Emotions to Seduce you? What do we call it when Men use your Emotions to seduce you? It is simply called Fractionation Seduction. It is believed to be a method which helps men to attract women towards them without putting much effort to impress her. It is the concept which was first studied by renowned psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Later it was developed by John Grinder. Fractionation is basically a process of seducing women using Psychological Techniques.

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It is  named after the scientific definition of the same word. If Fraction is regarded to Seduction only, it can be understood as the combination of psychology,hypnosis and persuasion. The process of fractionation seduction helps men to play with the psychology of the women. This in turn help them to play with women emotions in order to seduce them. Due to this reason, we can call it as a “Dark Art” Now let’s find out  some of the ways about how this technique help men to seduce the women.

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Become an Attention Seeker:
Before you start your hunt for a girl, you need to work on your personality. This process is named as ‘Peacocking’. In this one needs to prepare himself in order to become an ‘Attention Seeker’. All you nee to do is to you look as trendy and attractive as you can. Wear eye catching clothes.

Emphasis Your Importance:
You need to emphasis you importance in the eyes of the girl you want to seduce. In order to do this you need to make her feel that she is a outmatch. As this method involves the psychology of a person, you too need to value yourself in order to assert it on others. Make it a point that you should not seem desperate to the girl.

Initiate a conversation:
You should try to engage the woman in conversation. You need to know her better before planning to seduce by using the fractionation technique. This can be done by telling something personal which will make her think that you are friendly as well as trustworthy.

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Become a Good Listener:
In order to win her completely you need to become a good listener to the girl. Men force woman into some deep conversations which are personal to them. The man takes the woman to a roller coaster ride of emotions where she feels elated at one moment and depressed at the other moment. They keep on repeating this process of playing them emotionally by making them share such incidents from their life quite often.

Fractionation Process Starts:
The feeling of mixed emotions that a woman undergoes in just no time makes her think that she is feeling connected to you. Women think that they can easily approach you whenever they need you. This process of Fractionation which can be considered as a method of making women feel a number of mixed emotions in just no time helps men to seduce them.

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Thus, it can be said that Fractionation Seduction is controversial, unethical and amoral as it helps to play with women emotionally or brainwash women’s mind or psychology in order to seduce them in just no time.