13 Secret Signs which will Tell You that Your Boyfriend is Still Not Over His EX!

13 Secret Signs which will Tell You that Your Boyfriend is Still Not Over His EX!

Are you with somebody who doesn’t value you much and still give importance to his ex? Is he still having a soft corner for his ex? If you see any of the below mentioned signs in your partner, then there’s simply no point in staying in the relationship. It’s completely normal and acceptable to hate him for that. It’s natural that you will be angry at him for doing such a thing. If he’s still into his ex, then what are you two doing in the relationship? Okay, Agreed that getting over an ex is no cake walk for anybody who was seriously in love with that person.

13 Secret Signs which will Tell You that Your Boyfriend is Still Not Over His EX

It’s definitely not easy to forget somebody who was so important for you back then. But there comes a thin line between forgetting somebody and still continue to love them. You are no nanny who would fix his wounds and then make him go back for his ex. You are nobody to put up with this kind of nonsense. [ Read : 12 Foolproof Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX And Start A New Life!


If you see such behaviour from your partner, then it’s time for you two to have a serious conversation. Don’t keep assuming things but ask him questions when you feel the urge to. Such type of behaviour should not creep in where you are with him, but mentally he’s thinking about his ex. Here are few of the signs which can help make you aware about what your partner is up to.

  1. Stalk his profile!

Until and unless your boyfriend is not one of those secret keepers, he must be leaving clues whether he still talks to his ex or not. If he constantly keeps a check on her profile and her blogs, then he’s surely not over her yet. Once or twice in a week is fine to check a person’s profile with whom you were close with, but if that exceeds that time, then you need to have a serious talk with him. [ Read : Holding Back Your Feelings When Meeting Your Exes ]

  1. No point in keeping touch with the ex.

Generally, exes can’t stay friends or they avoid to be that ways. There’s no good reason for exes to stay friends unless there is a thing which binds them. If at all your current partner is in touch with his ex, then you surely have a reason to worry.

  1. He’s always there to help her!

Exes have no good reason to be friends. But they can still keep in touch with each other. If your guy always tries to be in the good books of his ex, then there’s something fishy in that. It’s not normal for him to be always there for her at all times until and unless he still feels for her. [ Read : 5 Reasons To NOT Hate Your EX ]

  1. He still hasn’t discarded or given back her gifts and memories!

It’s definitely not normal to still use the gifts given by his ex all the time. A boyfriend who never lets go the things which remind him of his ex is not a good piece of new for the new lover. You need to be blunt about asking what is up with him still.

  1. He never lets the memories wash away!

One who really wish to walk away from the memories of his past and who really likes to move on will never keep holding on to the memories of the past.  This proves to you that you shouldn’t go back to that guy ever again. [ Read : 8 Signs That You Still Aren’t Over Your EX ]

  1. He still re-reads her messages from the past.

A guy who is over his ex will keep on drooling over her messages in the past. If you suspect him of re-reading the dirty messages from his ex, then there’s obviously some catch here. Nobody in his right mind would ever keep his ex text messages and letters with him. Deleting is the only sober and right option he’s got.

  1. He keeps talking about her all the time!

If he includes her name in everything you talk, then he surely is missing her. It doesn’t matter if he bitches about her or if he says positive things about her. It will affect you either ways because you must be having no interest to listen about his ex. A logical boyfriend who has got over her will bring her topic into the conversation. [ Read : 6 Ways To End Fights And Conflicts Quickly ]

  1. He’s way too much bothered when he bumps into his ex!

The next you go for a walk and his ex bumps into you, then you need to watch out for his actions. Notice how does he behave in front of her, does he go numb or confused like a kid? If he goes mad and loses control if her existence comes into the picture, then there’s some matter he’s hiding from you.

  1. He doesn’t like it when he hears that his ex is again committed.

He’s happy that you are dating him now. But if he hears that his ex is involved with somebody else, he gets annoyed. If he’s completely over her and moved on with you, then he should also be happy that she’s moving on. This is one logical feeling one gets if he’s on with his life. [ Read : 7 Types Of People You Need To Kick Out Of Your Life ]

  1. He likes it when somebody else teases him with his ex name.

If you notice your boyfriend blushing with the mentioning of the name of his ex, then you know something is still between them. Not necessarily from her side but from his side. Only those guys who still have one sided feeling for their ex will have a plastered smile on their faces with her name coming into the picture.

  1. Its not been a long time since his break up!

Break ups after a long and serious relationship take time to heal up. You cannot expect a guy to forget everything in a couple of days. You should let him take his time. But, even after a long time, it’s not working out, and then you should give up trying. [ Read : 12 Real Warning Signs Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time? ]

  1. He’s still in a secret relationship!

This is the trickiest part and your boyfriend may try to give you any stupid reason to cover it up. This can come to you as a shock if you try to steal a guy from his girlfriend. This may sound very dramatic but sometimes, it can be the case even if your intentions don’t intend to.

  1. He still has her pictures in his phone!

Any sane guy would never keep his ex photographs in his mobile when he’s completely over her. Yes, one of those which they exchanged in the middle of night, during snaps chats and faces time. Yes, one of those! If he is now with you, then it is unusual for him to keep these kinds of pictures of hers. [ Read : 10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It ]

Sometimes, it’s normal to miss your ex but there’s a very thin line about missing normally and going obsessing over him. Catch him if he’s found with these signs and talk to him regarding this.