Sagittarius – All You Need To Know About The Traveller


Sagittarius – All You Need To Know About The Traveller

November 23 – December 21. Being born under the fire sign, Sagittarius is one of the addictive travellers among all the Zodiac members. Stereotyped thinking but a concrete mind, Sagittarius is a surprise bag. Let’s open the bag to take the cat out of the bag.

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Sagittarius - All You Need To Know About The Traveller

1/The notorious adventurer of the group

If you are dating them and are thinking of keeping that boring serious face, better change your mind. Cause, they love to give surprises and are super magic. They have this unique mind of doing things creatively. Sagittarius is the most renowned adventurer cum brat among the zodiac squad. They live for experiences and breath for adventures.

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2/They believe in “Let it go” but…

Things are not going to be easy when you are dating a Sag. They absolutely don’t want to be in a relationship where they have no value or nobody listens to what they have to say.Hurt them or avoid them or ignore their feelings and they will dump you like a laundry bag.

Sagittarius - All You Need To Know About The Traveller

3/ They prefer advanced planning over at the moment planning

They are not introvert but they hate sudden plans or a plan where they have to reach directly after their office. A Sagittarius loves to party, loves to hang out but only when they have been informed a day ahead. They have their own time and schedule, this is how they are.

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4/Philosophical lovers

Unlike other signs who prefers to listen to music or take a nap when they are jammed, a #Sagittarius will prefer to stand upside down and calm their anxious thoughts. They love doing yoga over heavy weight training, they love to talk about deep thoughts like “What will the universe look like if  there were no birds” or something deeper like “Don’t you think that rain feels and sounds good only if you have a roof over your head?” .

Sagittarius - All You Need To Know About The Traveller

5/An unpredictable persona

Don’t be surprised if on Monday they called you up and said, “Hey I have taken up interior designing” and the next week again, “You know I have decided to explore the world of archeology”. And believe me, even though they are not that much pro in those fields, but they definitely learn the basics before opting for another option. In short, they are a surprise package to date.

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6/They are the believers of “Never let a joke die”

One thing I can assure you is that you won’t be out of laugh while you are dating a #Sagittarius. They can repeat a joke again and again and laugh at it like they are hearing it for the first time. They live for laughing and love to spread the magic of laughter all around. I think this is a good sign, people needs more happiness gas around these days.

Optimistic, intrusive, achiever, explorer, generous, enthusiast, extrovert and loves changes. Quite a lot of mixed adjectives to describe this ninth member of the Zodiac family. Hate them, judge them, but you can’t ignore them. They are like the heat of the sun to those who disrespects them and are like the twinkling stars to those who cares for them. Straight and simple and frank. A #Sagittarius are always a darling to date, at times yes, their philosophical questions do become boring but, if you think with all your mind, those questions does have some really heavy meaning behind.

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Sagittarius - All You Need To Know About The Traveller

So, this was about the all good and all bad #Sagittarius. Keep liking our page for more updates on #ZodiacFile.