Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup


Yes, I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

Dude! Please get a life! Don’t every-time connect my sadness with a breakup. There can be so many valid reasons behind it. Yes, a breakup is definitely one of the reason, I am also a human being and breakups do offend me. But, not like you people imagine it to be. There are and infact, some of those reasons are much higher than heartbreaks. What! You don’t feel this way?? Well, this is the reason we are here, to break the ice and clear your theories.

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Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

Reason 1- Not able to decide the right career

One of the commonest and basic reason for our sadness is this. Cause, our career, our aim, our approach towards life, defines our present and shapes our future. We all work hard to get a better present for a peaceful future. And, if we are unable to decide what career is right for us, what career we can choose, I believe nothing can be more nuisance than this.

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

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Reason 2- Nobody is ready to give experience without experience

Those who have boarded the flight called “Job flight”, I believe you have heard this phrase. “Sorry but, we require experienced people”. Well, if nobody is ready to give us, how we will gain that experience! I mean, yes, internships do play an important role but, it should also be from a well to do company. And inspite of gaining that internship experience, we still don’t get the right job.

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

Reason 3- Nobody understands our privacy, aka, SOLITUDE

Pheww! I mean, we have to fight for it almost daily. We know our parents care for us and always want’s our good, but, we too need our time. A simple solitude, a simple talking to our friends and doing late night texting won’t make us vulnerable or rancid. Have faith on your upbringing and trust our conscience, we won’t cross that line.

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

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Reason 4- Our confusion has no solution

This one is especially for girls. Please, I am not saying it in a negative way, but keeping in mind the fact that, a female brain catches information 10times than a male brain. Thus, our confusions are also at times, related to this. You know what happens, we become so much dependent on something, that (at times) we lose our ability to think. This is where our confusion starts.

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

Reason 5- The tension of putting on unnecessary weight

What can be more sinful than this? Putting on that extra weight not only makes us look like Ursula but also reminds us that, we have to work on our own self for our own happiness. You will be really surprised to know that, one of the strongest remedies for controlling pimples, blackheads, hair fall, is working out daily.So girls and boys, pull up your socks!

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

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Reason 6- The agony aunt always forcing us to get some facial

I strongly believe in a line, “We all are a character in someone else’s story!”. And here, we are the lead character in the story of agony aunt and her shallow suggestions. I mean, yes we do have a dark or tanned complexion, but why you have to poke all the time. BLIMEY!

Yes I am Sad But not Due To My Breakup

Still scratching your head and thinking what can be the reason behind our sad face? Well, there can an arsenal of reasons apart from breaking up. Please spare us from this horrifying concept of “The other name of sadness is BREAK-UP”.