Romantic Proposal Ideas To Win Them Over

Romantic Proposal Ideas to Win Them Over

Romantic Proposal Ideas to Win Them Over

Once you realize that you love someone, the next thing that you plan to do is propose to them. Now, this could prove to be a difficult task. You, but naturally, feel nervous when you think about confessing your feelings to the person you are in love with. There is the fear of rejection and heartbreak which makes you jittery. Even though you know that they would not mind you proposing to them, you are not sure how to go about it. Proposing to someone can turn out to be quite a task especially when you are doing it for the first time. Whether you are doing it for the first time or not, you should put in some thought before you propose to someone. You should think of multiple ideas in which you could propose to them. It should not only be convenient for you, but it should please them as well. [ Read: 7 Best Situations To Propose A Girl ]

Here are a few romantic proposal ideas to win them over:

  1. Long drive

Take her out on a long drive and while she is enjoying the lush landscapes and the never-ending road, pop the question to her. A long drive makes one feel energised and refreshed. She would be in a good mood when you propose to her. But, you must refrain from doing something that would make her feel uncomfortable. You could talk to her about this while you are driving but if she feels uncomfortable, stop the car and give her some space to think about it. [ Read:Here are Some Cute Lines To Propose Your Valentine! ]

  1. Play a song

You could go out with her on a date or she might have invited you for brunch. The place does not matter. Play a song, the lyrics of which, you think, encapsulate your feelings and emotions. Whether you propose to her before, after or while the song plays is up to you. Of course, you will have to verbally confess to her but the song will augment the effect. It will also add a romantic touch to the ambiance of the place.  In this situation, you should ideally play a love song – one which would help you get across your feelings more effectively.

  1. Cook for her

Invite her home for dinner but do not order food from a restaurant. What is the point of inviting her home when you get the food from outside? If you are a skilled cook, there is no reason for you to worry. If not, just browse through some recipe manuals or websites and try to cook something simple and nice. Even if you struggle with it, it will be worth it. Girls love guys who can cook as they are the ones who are not dependent on others to feed them. She will appreciate your effort and will be touched by the fact that you cooked for her. After you both are done with the food, propose to her. [ Read: How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out in 9 Sneaky Ways ]

  1. Record a message

You might not be able to say all that you want to when you meet her personally. A good way of expressing your feelings is to record a message. You can afford to make mistakes when you are recording a message but not when you are meeting someone personally. Think carefully about what you want to say, evaluate your statement and then send her the final version. But remember, the fact that you are recording your message does not mean you will put across something in an exaggerated manner. Say the things which come from the heart and do not blurt out anything which you do not mean.

  1. Surprise her

You could club your proposal with a nice surprise. Of course, the proposal itself will be a surprise for her but you should team it up with something interesting that would make her happy. Why one, plan multiple surprises for her. The more surprises you plan, the happier she will be. Plan something romantic which would lead to you proposing to her. Shower her with surprises first and then propose to her. Try to plan something which would give her a clue as to what you are up to. There is nothing wrong in giving her a bit of information as to what you plan to do.  You could surprise her with a gift or some special gesture. You have to plan the surprise carefully because if it backfires you would have nothing left at your disposal. [ Read: 30 Sweet and Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ]

You could get a bit creative while thinking about ways to propose to someone. But, there is no harm in trying out some tried and tested ideas as they never go out of fashion. Even if you want to try out something new, make sure that it would not upset her or offend her in any way. Proposing to someone is a very crucial thing as it will decide whether you will get to be with that person or not.