7 Important Life Lessons I learnt From My Relationship


7 Important Life Lessons I learnt From My Relationship

A relationship can be tricky and smooth at the same time. If at one point it can be nerve-wracking, then at the next point, it can teach you some of the basic life lessons. I learnt a lot of practical life lessons from my relationship. And writing about those is really tough and funny at the same time cause, at times the experience I had was a bit quirky. But, nevertheless, I realized that life is more than just books and pages, even our simple or  complicated relationships can teach us some valuable life lessons.

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7 Important Life Lessons I learnt From My Relationship

#1.Denying the truth doesn’t change the fact

The first and most important #LifeLesson that I learnt from my relationship were the importance truth and its immense powers.There were moments when I tried to bury the truth under my smile and there were times when he tries to manipulate it with his grit, but no matter how powerful our bang was, the bitter truth came like a rising sun.

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#2.Feeling low or sad is just another state of mind

Our mind is the most complicated machine. It never works in coordination with the heart, if the heart says go right, the mind will say go left. And in this confusion of left and right, we learn the second most important #LifeLesson which is, if we decide to fight any situation with a strong mind, it will help us to deal with it with equal strength. No matter how hard it is, you have to come to a definite conclusion.

#3.Fear is real, but our choices define us

Fear of losing him/her, fear of getting caught by our parents, fear of……fears are for real, but how we deal with them actually defines who we are. Running away from them is not a wise option, neither confronting them at that moment is. So, how can one tackle an insidious situation?? The answer is not that simple, but-

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  • Be relaxed and calm yourself down. You are the victim and you have to solve the case by keeping it on your side
  • Confrontation is a good thought, but don’t confess everything. Don’t show your fear or your weaker sides then and then.
  • Lying a bit, I repeat A BIT is healthy. White lies never harm anyone.

In short, be wise with your words and try to express more through your attitude. Follow point no.4 to know more.

#4.Attitude matters boss

Who likes to be in a relationship with a spineless person?? No one. Well, to those who are considering attitude as the negative ego, I am not talking about them. Here attitude means, holding your head high and walking the road. Never do or stoop down to anything which actually lowers your self-esteem. Having and flaunting a bit of ego is good, it does no harm. This actually helps you to evaluate people much better and keep those other egoistic jerks away.

#5.Be strong no matter how restricted it is

When in a relationship you have severe ups and downs, invasion of those third persons etc, what you do?? Do you just give up and look out for a new emotion or you decide to fight those shameless cowards like an amazon?? Which one??  Similar is the case with our real life. When life gives you a lemon and red chilies, use it to keep #EvilStares away instead of sitting and allowing it to burn your eyes. Never give up for your own right, fight for it and give those a befitting reply, so that they will think twice before torturing you again in the future.

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#6.At times words are more powerful than hands

This is my most favorite #LifeLesson I learned from my #relationship. You know, the fact that pen is mightier than the sword is really true. Instead of raising your hand or kicking their butt (which at times is necessary), playing skillfully with your words can make them bleed too. But having said this I would love to add that, at times a powerful kick in the butt in equally important to shut the mouths. So, learn to use both, but try to play with your words. As said, the tongue is the deadliest weapon one can have.

#7.Lust or greedy mind won’t take you anywhere

The feeling of “The grass is greener on the other side” will only give you a box full of used socks. Never try to judge anyone without knowing, you know their name, not their story. And most importantly, lust or greed won’t fetch you anything except a mindful of unhealthy thoughts. Be contemplated with what you have, and try not to compare your success with others loss. Today it might be them, but tomorrow it can be you. 

7 Important Life Lessons I learnt From My Relationship

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Yeah, so this is all about it and if you THE READERS have any other special inputs to add, feel free to do so by sharing your thoughts. Just use #Lifelesson_SarnaliC and share your experience with us.