Relax and Patience are The Two Important Capsule in Every Relationship


“Relax” and “Patience” are The Two Important Capsule in Every Relationship

Yes! You heard me right, having a relaxed mind and a patient attitude is the most important capsule for any relationship to last long.  Well, have you imagined or rattled your mind over the fact that, why every relationship suffers a heartbreaking breakup?? After spending 2 years with that person, how can one head towards breakup! I feel inconsolable when I hear my friends saying, “We broke up last month!”. I know things were not easy for you, you had the most toughest time of your life but, don’t you think you could have saved your relationship? Thus, we are here with few of the important points to keep in mind in every relationship.

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Relax and Patience are The Two Important Capsule in Every Relationship

#1 Control your expectations

Expectations act’s like a catalyst in a relationship, but, in a negative way. Keeping high expectations from your partner right at the beginning is a big NO. Spend the two years in knowing each other. I am not saying you that don’t expect anything at all but, keep it light, keep it low. The more you think you know each other, the faster you head towards a breakup. See point number #2 for a clearer understanding.

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#2 The more you think, the less you understand

You might have crossed a year, there might have been several fights and respective romance as well. But, the more you think you know your partner, the more vulnerable your relationship becomes. Don’t take it in a negative way. I am just trying to express few of the commonest capsule that leads to a breakup. And this is one of them.So, the less you think, the more you will understand your partner.

#3 Relax! Just calm down and walk the road

Control your emotions and relax your mind. Keep it calm and keep it open. Avoid carrying your heart everywhere you go. You mustn’t forget that if 10 people are really happy with your relationship, the other 20 are extremely devastated to see you happy. So, close your ears, open your mind and let your heart beat. The second important capsule to save your relationship.

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#4 Have patience and break the ice slowly

In every relationship, there is always that one person who us always going on the wrong track. And the other person has to bring that person on the right track. It is the universal code for every relationship and you can’t change it. This imperfection is the capsule that keeps the relationship going. Never loose your patience and if you feel anytime you are about to loose it, just talk to yourself and ask, “Was this the fate of our relationship?”.

#5 Never stop communicating

Yes. Never leave or break the connection. Keep the communication going no matter how rude or worst it is. Don’t keep anything inside, just say it all and spare your relationship from dying a rough death. At times those rough communications can give your relationship a smooth drive in the long run.

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Relax and Patience are The Two Important Capsule in Every Relationship

These were some of the most important capsule or in your words, few of the most important lifelines to save your relationship from dying a cruel death. Spare a moment from your daily life to add life to your dull and boring relationship. Always remember, life is how we shape it and make it. The results are the outcome of the capsules we give our relationship.