Relationship – There are Times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY

Relationship – There are Times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY

There are times in life when one has to walk away from something that may not seem like it is working for your best interest: These are the times we do not like to face, however sometime it is inevitable. Relationship – There are Times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY

Relationship - There are Times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY
– Written by: Marie Johnson (member of

Good common sense and a self -inventory will help you become aware of these times in life; and the best choice is to let go of that thing whose time has ran out in your life; you have done all that you can do and your “good becomes bad”; When doing your best is not good enough perhaps you are doing your good for the wrong person; We do not like to face those times when we may have to let go of something or someone; it is a painful experience and can be very heart breaking however, the pruning is necessary for the tree of life to produce more fruit the cutting away and the removal of all that will stop production of the fruit that He has ordained in the first place; In times like these what is even more disheartening is when we discover that we have given time and energy to something that was never meant for us. [ Also read: Core of all Relationships is Spiritual ]

We consider this wasted time; however, there is no wasted time in matters of the heart because even if you were in the wrong place or your season there has run out; the lessons learned while there, is priceless. Everything gleaned from these times in life can be used later. The goal is to not experience this but sometimes it is going to happen no matter how careful nor matter how discerning because to live here is to have a heart and what you may see in the situation or the experience may not be what was the truth. But it was what you wanted to see for whatever reason; and the reasons could be many.

Matters of the heart are not always clear nor are they logical we like what we like for various reasons and on many levels. There are times when one simple positive characteristic justifies the whole of the emotion of connection and familiarity with another. A shared favorite thing or a like or a dislike can bring a witnessing of a positive feeling of a bond on a subtle level. The subtlety cannot always be trusted or be lasting or good for those involved in it however, it a part of the human soul to connect to another soul male to female. It may be described as an attraction not necessarily bonding for a life union. We were created as relational beings and perhaps this is the way relationships, lasting ones are formed in life. There has got to be some way to connect and relate to the one that interest another, in order to begin a relationship, to socialize initially. [ Read: Read here: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship ]

Live your life and experience it, and taste of it; for this is what living is all about; to experience many things and to learn from the positive and the negative.

Marie Johnson 9/15/2014

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