6 Relationship Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm

6 Love Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm
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6 Relationship Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm

Internet has become a huge part of our lives now. From a luxury, it has now turned into a necessity. You have an internet connection on your computer, phone, and tablet everywhere. You get irritated when the internet connection is slow and get depressed. Internet has also become a gateway for people to seek love and companionship. Social networking websites are in vogue and one can always see people checking their text messages and logging into their social network accounts. Once in a while, a couple of new love trends emerge in the world. A lot of young couples meet on these websites and even end up interacting more through these platforms. As internet has become a huge medium today, you can see many heartfelt, strange and bizarre love trends emerging on this platform.  These trends start from one source and then spread across the internet in a big way. Then, it gets picked up by a large number of people and becomes viral. [ Read: 13 Blind Dating Tips You Can’t Miss ]

Here are a few love trends that are taking the internet by storm:

  1. Kissing selfies

If you are in to PDA, then internet is the perfect platform for you to exhibit your love for your partner publicly. Pictures of couples kissing each other or one of them planting a peck on their partner’s cheek are very common on social networking websites. Whether you settle for a peck or go for a full blown kiss depends on how comfortable you are with sharing your intimate pictures on the internet. While some refrain from posting such pictures, a lot of them can be found indulging in public display of affection on the internet. [ Read: Meaning of Different Types of Kisses ]

  1. Tattoos

A lot of young people from the current generation take a lot of pain to ink their beloved’s name on several body parts. Well, when you have taken so much pain to go through this process, you need to flaunt it, right? People click pictures of their tattoos and post them on the internet. While only their lover’s name would be printed in their body, they want it to be seen by the whole world. They want everyone to know how much pain thy have endured for their loved one. Some people get tattoos done on vital organs and private body parts but they are bold enough to flaunt these pictures as well.

  1. Dates

You go out with your partner on dates. Earlier, it used to be an intimate and private outing. If a couple go out on a date, it is just the two of them and nobody else around. But, after they have their private time, they want their friends to know the wonderful time they spent with their partner. They put in a lot of effort in arranging the date and they want everyone to know about it and hopefully, appreciate it. For some people, it is also a way of making other jealous. [ Read: 14 Signs Your Guy Means It When He Says “I Love You” ]

  1. Getting engaged

A lot of people show off their relationship status by announcing that they have got engaged. Now, this engagement may refer to the formal engagement or could just imply two people being in a relationship with each other. Some social networking websites give you the option of flaunting your ‘engaged’ status on your profile. Some people get an idea that you are formally engaged even when you are not. And, you do not mind them thinking about that as you feel declaring that you are engaged on a social networking platform is a step forward in your relationship. Sometimes, one person declares themselves to be engaged and the other person gets to know only after a while.

  1. The wedding album

Back in the day, people used to prepare elaborate wedding albums and distribute them to friends and relatives. Then came the video cassettes and finally the DVD on which you could store the digital images and send it to your loved ones. Now, with the advent of social networking websites, things have become even easier as you can just post the pictures on your profile and everybody will get to see them.  It saves the time and money required to create multiple DVDs and send it to carious people. [ Read: 11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations! ]

  1. The baby pictures

After two people get married, the next step is to start a family. The birth of a child is always a joyous occasion and is celebrated with great pomp and show As much as you want to, not everybody gets to be a part of the celebrations. They send their wishes but fail to turn up for the celebrations.  Now, you can share your joy by sharing the pictures of your baby on your social network account and giving them a glimpse of the newborn. A lot of people miss out on seeing the baby but now you can make them happy by introducing your child to them. Apart from pictures, you can also post videos of your baby. You can chronicle the early years of your child in pictures and videos and look at them after years. It would be a priceless piece of memory for everyone.

There are some good and some not-so-productive love trends on the internet. Internet has brought people closer and helped people connect with each other. It is a very useful medium but it must be utilised in the right way. There are some healthy trends that you could follow but there are certain things you should steer clear of as they could have an adverse effect on your relationship.