Relationship Tips for Single Women

Relationship Tips for Single Women

Relationship Tips for Single Women

Falling for bad boys and facing heartbreaks is a routine known to all women in the universe. With every break up, you tell yourself that you won’t repeat your mistake. So you really don’t repeat the mistake, but the second boy broke your heart in another way!

Well, relationships are a tough deal, yet we all wish for one. So after some experiences and several anecdotes, here’s a compiled list of tips all the single women out there should follow:

  1. Don’t compare

Know that you are one of a kind and be proud of it! There will always be a prettier girl, a taller girl, a fairer girl and a thinner girl, but that does not mean that you have lesser value. You are just as good as anybody else is, if not better than them. So nagging your date and asking him whether he’s into you or does he prefer a thinner girl, etc. is just going to drive him away.  [ Read: 12 Lines Singles Are Tired Of Listening! ]

  1. Give Space

Your relationship will grow only when the two of you grow personally. So don’t fret when he has his ’guy-time’ and make it clear that you will require your ‘me-time’ too. It is not necessary to run every errand together, or watch every movie together, or try a new restaurant together; instead go out and meet more people and bring home some new stories to share with your partner.

  1. Have a backbone

Stand up for yourself – this is a thumb rule! For instance, if you are not happy with the way he ignores you when you are out with his friends, put it across to him, or you think he is taking the relationship too casually, decide to walk out of it. Don’t just swallow things you cannot digest because you will end up in a miserable state. Speak up for all that you wish for you are both equal in the relationship. [ Read: 13 Dating tips for single mothers ]

  1. Relationship Values

It does not take too long make out the kind of personality your boyfriend has. Observe how he treats you and communicates with you – all this will indicate how much he values the relationship. For example, if he looks into your eyes and converses with you, that means he is here to stay; or if he listens to your problem, you know you have found a friend in him. Appreciate, respect and reciprocate these values and over the time, you’ll realise what a strong relationship you have built!

  1. Marriage takes time

Your first date is not your marriage audition – on your first date, you are gauging whether this is worth a second date, on your fourth date you are contemplating whether this is a relationship and then the boat sails into the dating sea, at this point marriage is yet far away. So be calm and don’t think your story is right out of a fairy tale book wherein you have found your prince charming already! Hold your horses, or this will lead to a heartbreak.  [ Read: 5 Reasons why being single is not so bad ]

  1. Be yourself

Be proud of who you are- stand by your ideas, beliefs and goals! Just because your date enjoys rock music you do not have to change your tastes for him. Guys like girls who show their true self and are proud of it.

  1. Accentuate your positives, work on the rest

If you have it, flaunt it! So if you have great hair and styling it gives you confidence go ahead and accentuate it! Know your strengths and highlight them to your advantage, but at the same time be aware of your drawbacks. For example, if you know you are jealous and insecure, try to keep your jealousy in check because that will hamper your relationship opportunities.  [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children ]

  1. Be confident

A confident woman is the most attractive woman in the room! Single women out there may feel dejected with a few failed dates or bad break ups, but don’t fret! Always remember that there are many fish in the sea and you have the capability to be with any of them.

  1. Maintain your standards

There is no rule that states that if your friend is dating someone, even you should be. Dating boys one after another just for the sake of it is a wrong way to handle your relationship insecurities. It is essential to choose to be with the right kind of boy, who is smart, yet sensitive. So don’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry into your life; Make wise choices, not harsh ones.  [ Read: 13 Relationship Mistakes New Couples Make All the Time! ]

  1. Never have hope in the hopeless

It is common of any girl to hope and pray for her ex-boyfriend to come back to her and realise that she is ‘the one.’ Sorry girls, but don’t hope to see that silver lining! If a boy values you, you will know it, but don’t crave for his love and care. Look at the brighter side and put yourself out there for other boys to see what a great girl you are!

  1. Have goals

Getting a boyfriend and finding a life partner should not be the only goal of your life! Set your priorities right and work towards each stage when it is the right time. For example, at 21-years of age you should not be running around for a life-partner, instead you should be looking for a job and setting up a career.  [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ]

  1. Don’t judge

Whether it is a blind date or a date with an acquaintance, leave all your judgments at home. Everyone reacts to nervousness differently, so if your date is having a hard time making you laugh make him feel comfortable and give him a second chance. Similarly, if that guy from the office next door doesn’t dress smartly, yet he’s interested in taking you out, give him a chance to show himself to you.

  1. Patience is virtue

Patience is the key in any relationship, whether it is finding your ‘Mr. Right’ or working towards your ‘Perfect Relationship.’ Any relationship is a piece of work and relationships are a piece of real hard work! If you think you are prepared to put in long hours of dedication and patience into a relationship, only then opt for getting into one.  [ Read: 10 Ways To Bring Back The Lost Spark In Your Relationship ]

Love yourself and other will love you! Be proud and happy about who you are and make sure your partner feels the same way about you. Also, remember to enjoy your own freedom, because once you’ve found your man, you will have very little time for yourself!