Are You In Relationship With Someone You Have Never Met?


Are You In Relationship With Someone You Have Never Met?

Being in such a relationship is both exciting and risky. This is because you are unknown and have never met the person face to face. Thinking of being in such a relationship seems to excite you too. This is because you are getting to know a person who is trying to be an important part of your life. is here to help you know what you should do if you are in relationship with someone you have not met. When you date someone you have never met gives you butterflies and the feeling of fear remains constant.

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How To Handle The Relationship With Someone You Have Never Met.

This feeling of fear remains constant when you date someone you have never met. The mind will always be hovered with the thoughts whether he genuinely likes you or he is just a fake. There are many incidents where you find men and women both fake their feelings in order to have someone in their life. Such people do not really believe in serious relationships. They believe in the concept called ‘Passing Time.’

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All we can suggest to you is there is no harm in knowing new people. But there arise a time when you need make a face  to face interaction. Meeting someone face  to face can be totally a different experience than talking to someone or dating someone without meeting. If you are willing to take your dating experience forward you need to make sure that you meet the person face to face so as to be sure about this feelings for you.

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Another reason why you should try to meet the person you are in relationship at least once because there are many chances that you may find him completely different person. The person may not be like he was while you used to have conversations on phone and chats. Meeting someone for once and twice is necessary before reaching to any conclusion.