11 Relationship Quotes You Can Use To Get Her Back


11 Relationship Quotes You Can Use To Get Her Back

We here at like love quotes, deal with relationship and their so many emotional phases. A relationship is not only about you and me, me and you, it is about a lifelong journey. The journey which involves so many other intangible feelings and expressions. One of the commonest problems faced by an individual in a #relationship is expressing themselves. The use of right words and phrases are really important in some special cases. So today we are here with some quotes to bring back your partner. Follow us.

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11 Relationship Quotes You Can Use To Get Her Back

Quotes for her-

1#The moment you stepped out of my house, the moment you ungripped your fingers from my hand, the moment you looked at me with those shady eyes, I realized my mistake. I am sorry babe, please come back, please for the last and final time. Life without you is impossible- Sarnalic

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2#There is something special in your touch! The way you kiss me on my forehead, the way you just scold me when I smoke like an addict, I feel so touche! I haven’t felt this strange beautiful feeling ever in my life. Do I have any chance to make you feel like my princess again?? Can you forgive me??- Sarnalic

3#I am not telling you to just forgive me for the last time or final time, I am saying you to smile. Get that smile back, don’t be sad for my deeds, I am a bullshit crap. Please, slap me but don’t leave me.- SarnaliC

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4#The biggest mistake of my life was hurting you and loosing you forever. Now I am with this hope that if you return, I will never let you go and never ever hurt you.- Sarnalic

5# I will love you with all your flaws, mistakes, smile, tears, errors, everything! Just, just come back, I will hold with all my powers this time. I love you.

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Some of my favourites from my diary-

6#Let me be in your heart today, let me feel the pain I gave you, let me not repeat it again and come back. I promise to keep this promise and never break. – Sarnalic

7#My every moment, my every little furniture, my every piece of t-shirts has the smell of you. I screwed up things, I made it difficult but let us both together sort it out and start a new beginning from a new end.- Sarnalic

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8#My every moment of loneliness, my every moment of solitude, my every scope of joy is YOU, YOU and only YOU. Come back love, I need you, my soul needs you, my heart needs you. You gave me so much to gain, yet I gave you despair. – Sarnalic

9#My every little moment of anger, my every huge conflicts were handled so peacefully by you. Yet I shouted at you for nothing. Can you just come back once and just for once, allow me to be yours??- SarnaliC

10#I will miss that cute little binch of laughter we shared, I will miss those little knick-knacks we shared, our pillow fights, our small tug of war, I will miss you when you will be not there. – Sarnalic

11# I am waiting for you outside your house with a ring and a bunch of roses, please forgive me and be mine forever. Marry me!- Sarnalic

11 Relationship Quotes You Can Use To Get Her Back

Love is beautiful, love is like a shadow, you just need to respond to it not fight against it. Spread love and get love, your partner is your responsibility not your private proerty, you can love her but not use her. Treat her like your queen and she will move mountains to make you happy, hurt her and she will use those mountains to flatten your crotch!