A Relationship is Not Only About “I Love You”


A Relationship is Not Only About “I Love You”

What are the best ingredients in a relationship? Love, Trust, Confidence, Support, Responsibilities. So don’t you feel that apart from the common cliched phrase “I love you”, there are many little but touching phrases one can use instead of saying “I #love you” every time your partner expresses his/her #love to you.

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A Relationship is Not Only About "I Love You"

Phrases for BOYS-

Girls, this one is especially for you. From next time whenever your partner confesses his #love to you, instead of replying back the same old ritualistic reply, be romantic enough to try out something newer and touching. Something like-

#1. I feel you everywhere I go. 

#2. I can’t imagine anyone else loving me and tolerating me like you did!

#3. I am your world and you are my superman

#4. I would bite your lips and promise to be there forever only if you promise me that you would give me deeper love bites than before. 

#5. I obviously #love you dear! Who else will tie my hair like you do? Each time a new style, a new joker is born out of my hair style. But I love it, cause you tried to give it a better look.

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#6. Boy- I #love you #love…(cutting him you say)

Girl- I don’t! Infact (Hug him tightly), I #love you as tight as this hug! Can you feel it??

#7. Umm….ummm…ummm….ummmm.. You are my teddy bear and I am your little panda.

#8. I get jealous when you #love me like this! Feel so anxious, what if someday I am unable to return you the same #love you deserve!

#9. Dude! Can you just stop being so romantic! I mean, who else looks so cute making that cute puppy face. 

#10. My future is with you, forever and ever…The happily imperfect romance. #Ourstory

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Phrases for Girls-

Hmmm. So, finally, it’s the time for girls. Guys keep an eye, you need this badly. Stop being an introvert and open your heart, be romantic in a different way.Don’t make the relationship boring and dull, if you feel you don’t have a creative mind, take our help. We are always at your service.

#1. You complete me, honey.

#2. I adore you like I adore my beards.

#3. You’re my ideal women.

#4. Truly captivating. You steal my heart, my mind, each time you look into my eyes.

#5. Your presence defines my existence, shapes my present, and creates my future.

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Complimentary phrases to make him/her special-

# You are my prince charming and I am your queen bee

# You are my angel

# You are my princess

# You’re the incredible superhero in my life. My super hot superman!

# You are my first child, my little angel, but in an enhanced form.

# You are my kingdom, my heart’s only desire.

When you are trying to convince the person you #love

# We’re perfect for each other!

# No matter how hard you try, the fact that you feel for me is clearly expressed in your smile!

# What the heart can’t say, the eyes can say a lot.

# Our imperfection defines our perfection

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A Relationship is Not Only About "I Love You"

#Love and a relationship is all about expressions. Mix it up and use them, don’t just make it a traditional approach. A relationship gets boring when used it in a rather usual manner, try to be different and keep visiting our page for more updates.