Most Overlooked Relationship Killer that Couples Overlook

Most Overlooked Relationship Killer that Couples Overlook

A relationship can sometimes be as difficult and messier as a baby. Just like a small infant requires lots of love, care and attention it requires the same effort to build a healthy relationship. In our day to day life we avoid and overlook a lot of issues that may create complication in your relationship over the long term.

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Most Overlooked Relationship Killer that Couples Overlook

Here are a few issues that if looked out for can save your relationship.

  • Communication gap

At time isn’t it weird that you and your partner speak in the same language but still fail to understand each other. This creates a bridge between the two, which along with time gets difficult to cross. This persistent gap also develops the feeling of defensiveness, confusion, negativity, loneliness and guilt. This is a very sensitive subject that needs to be noticed and dealt with at an early stage, as it would always turn a normal conversation into a conflict.

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  • No time to spend together

To be happy and to get to know each other well, it is very important that the two of you get an ample amount of time to spend together. But in today’s career driven society it becomes difficult to balance your time in your relationship. It is good to crave for each others presence but too much time spent apart can take your relation to an unhappy turn. The solution is to try and take out a bit of time from your busy schedule to make your presence felt. Most convenient timings would be at the beginning and the end of the day where you can spend quality time together and the “I miss you” texts are an added bonus.

  • It’s about us not me

A relationship is a sensitive bond between two people, to make it successful it needs effort. What needs to be kept in mind is that both have a different past, needs and lifestyle and staying together needs adjustment. One must understand that too much adjustment can lead to Suppressed feelings and compromises. These compromises can lead to too many complaints, negativity and destroy your relationship. The best solution in this scenario is to keep your patience and adopt a generous attitude towards your partner.

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  • Insecurity

They say that relationships fail because people take their own insecurity and twist them into their partner’s flaw. The smallest of doubts can sometimes grow into something scary absolutely unnoticed. Insecurity makes you see problems that really don’t exist, it is one of the main reasons that can turn a successful relationship into a dismal failure in the shortest possible time. The solution to control insecurity is to stop psyching yourself and realize this is not all about you. Discuss about your doubts a bit more, open up to your partner so that superficial false doubts do not burn your relationship to the ground.

  • Annoyance over small habits

There comes a time in your relationship where small irritants result into big issues and drive you crazy. From the wet towels on the bed to the sound of him/her snoring are common things that can annoy anyone momentarily but the important thing to bear in mind is the unintentional and uncontrollable nature of these acts. In any relation, irritations are inevitable. You would not find a perfect match with whom your compatibility and preference align perfectly. To make a relationship work some such uncontrollable and harmless habits will need to ignored and adjusted to.

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Nurturing and making a relationship work requires some effort from both the partners. Rough water will hit your boat at some point, the trick is to not give up, hold on tight and remember the good times.