Rebuilding Lost Trust: A Lost Cause?

Rebuilding Lost Trust: A Lost Cause?

Every relationship, be it love, friendship or a parent-child relation; thrives majorly on trust. It is the most important factor in every relationship. When two people are in a relationship, one may lose their trust over the other person due to several reasons, such as infidelity, lies, cheating, back stabbing, ditching or extra marital affair could be the possible reasons for this.

Rebuilding lost trust

But does that mean the relationship is at a dead end? Can two people rebuild the trust between them? Reviving lost trust can be a mammoth task for anyone.

Here are few ways to mend the relationship:

What should you do if you are the one who broke trust?

  1. Confess

If you really want to work on the relationship, go ahead and confess before they get to know it by themselves or from someone. Even if they don’t find it, the guilt of it can be a big burden to carry on your shoulders. Be honest to your partner, they deserve it. [ Check out: 5 Reasons why one sided love borders self destruction


  1. Accept and apologize

You must accept that you were at fault. It is important to agree that it was your mistake which you regret doing and want to work on it. You must be ready to be at the receiving end of their music. They are bound to get angry and upset.

  1. Convince

If you have broken someone’s trust, it is a given that they won’t trust your word so easily. Take time and convince your partner that you will not repeat it. Convince them by your actions rather than just saying it in words.

  1. Love & commitment

It is essential that you commit to be a better person for your partner. They require your love and commitment in order to believe you again and to start trusting your words. The only savior to regain lost trust is unconditional love.

  1. Patience

You cannot keep bothering them day and night until they forgive you. It’s important for you to realize that you have committed a mistake and they need time to recover from your actions and false words. Give them time to recover from the setback. [ Also read: Cry Out to the Father ]

  1. Keep your word

Trust is not about promising big things to your partner. It’s in keeping the promises. Since you are the one who faltered, make sure you keep your word always. If you lie again and again, your words will never be believed and eventually your relationship will hit the rocks.

 What should you do if you are the one who lost their trust?

1 .Vent out

It is quite natural to be upset or angry when someone you trusted a lot, cheats on you or breaks your trust. It is better to vent out rather than be quiet and seclude yourself. Venting out will help you recover from it faster.

  1. Take your time

Take your time with overcoming the breach of trust. It takes a while to overcome from a setback. It is normal if you don’t want to see the person for a while.

  1. Value honesty

If your partner confessed their cheating to you, learn to take it, it is much better than finding it out from someone else. Confession means that they are ready to work on it and want you to be a part of it. Imagine that if your partner was cheating on you and you never found out about it?

  1. Give a chance

It might be difficult but this is the time you bring back the lovely memories you have had with your partner. Are you ready to let all that go? Isn’t it human to err? What would happen if people never forgave anyone in the world? The world would be full of grudges. It is important that you give your partner one chance to prove the worth of their word, after all what you both share is ‘love’. [ Read here:  One-Sided LOVE ]

Do you know of any better ways to rebuild trust with your partner? Let us know in the comments section.