10 Reasons Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping With You

10 Reasons Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping With You

Wondering Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping with You? Your heart hits the panic button when your boyfriend does not text you back after sleeping with you. You cannot stop negative thoughts from entering your mind and getting affected by them.  The first thought that comes to your mind is sleeping with you was all that he wanted and he had no real feelings for you. Now, he has no intention of keeping any ties with you and wants to stay away from you. Before you jump to any conclusion, you must realize there could be several possibilities as to why he did not text you back. [ Read: Sleeping With Him on First Date, Is it a Good Idea? ]

10 Reasons Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping With You


Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping with You:

  1. Busy with work

Your professional life must be keeping you busy and that could sometimes, force you to put your personal work at the back burner for some time. You love your partner but work is important too. Carelessness on the work front can cost you your job. Therefore, sometimes you have no option but to put your loved ones waiting for your response while you finish your work. This could be one of the reasons why you guy never texts you on time.  [ Read: Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You? ]

  1. Feeling awkward

A sexual encounter, more so if you are getting into it for the first time, can make some people a little awkward.  The reason he is not replying to your messages is that he is a little unsure of what to say. He does not regret doing it but is feeling a bit awkward about the situation. Give him some time to compose himself and he will come back to you.

  1. He did not like it

He did not enjoy the experience of getting intimate with you could be one of the reasons why your guy never texts you back. There could be something that went wrong while both of you were in each other’s arms. Maybe he had certain expectations which he thinks you did not live up to. It is not necessarily your mistake. Maybe you felt the same about him. Whatever the reason may be, it did not work out for him. [ Read: 10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy ]

  1. He is not serious

He likes you but is not serious about the relationship. Do not think that he pretended to be serious,  so that he could sleep with you. Maybe he was a little confused about his feelings and now he realizes he is not that serious about you. Yes, the realization seems to have kicked in a little late what with you guys sharing an intimate moment with each other. But, you should seek solace in the fact that he is clear about his feelings now.

  1. He is not well

Even though technology has made communication easier, there are situations in which we find it difficult to connect to our loved ones. Try calling his friends and figure out whether he is alright. God forbid, he could be suffering from ill health or had an accident. You are upset with him for not replying back to you but you do not know whether he is in a position to respond. [ Read: 10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You ]

  1. Do not want to take responsibilities

You need to be a responsible person to handle a relationship. Probably, by now he has realized that he is not equipped to carry the responsibilities of a relationship on his shoulders. He got carried away by his emotions and took the plunge of getting into the relationship but he has now understood he lacks the maturity that is needed to handle a relationship.

  1. He has found somebody else

He was in love with you but now he has found someone who he finds to be more interesting. It is difficult to control one’s emotions. You know that you are committed to someone but your signs play a different tune altogether. You cannot help but follow it and end up hurting someone who trusts you. [ Read: Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You ]

  1. False promises

The promises he made to you were not meant to be kept by him. He promised you certain things so that you would trust him. He fulfilled some of those promises while he was with you but now that he has got what he wanted he does not feel the need to honor those promises.

  1. He needs introspection

He needs some time to ponder over what you did the last night. A lot of people are not mature enough to take this step and if this is something he did for the first time, he might have some thoughts floating in his mind that trouble him. He needs some space and time aloe to think. This is not a very uncommon thing and you should not worry about him returning back to you. Reach out to him after some time and talk to him about this. [ Read: Love Means To Commit Oneself Without Guarantee ]

  1. He was never interested in you

The one possibility, among the various possibilities, that you might have already thought of is that he was never into you. He never cared for you and all the feelings he said he has for you were fake. He just wanted to sleep with and to fulfill his desire; he decided to trap you by faking love for you.

There could be various reasons behind a guy not texting you back after he sleeps with you. While some of these reasons should not get you worried at all, there are certain sings you should not ignore. You need to take all the possibilities into account and then, decide the next step to be taken.