Reasons WHY Throwing Tantrums at Your Partner is Not Cool

Reasons WHY Throwing Tantrums at Your Partner is Not Cool

Reasons WHY Throwing Tantrums at Your Partner is Not Cool

When we are in a relationship with someone, there would be several occasions on which we take them for granted. We do this because we realise they are the ones closest to us and nobody else would give us as much attention as them. While some people do it deliberately to seek attention, some indulge in it naturally. We think that we can have any kind of emotional outburst in front of our partner and they would not mind. The fact is that they do but sometimes they show it and at other times, they don’t. Even if you have a partner who does not object to you throwing tantrums and maintain a calm composure as you go about shouting and throwing things, you must not take him for granted. Treating your partner the way you want to just because they are submissive is not a good thing. [ Read: Ways to Handle your Girlfriend’s Uncalled Tantrums ]

Why do they do it?

The question arises as to why some people throw tantrums at their partner and not at other people. Well, some people are such that they take everyone around them for granted and throw tantrums at everyone. Then, there are some who know that nobody, except their partner, takes them seriously. Hence, they vent out all their anger, frustration and emotional stress to them. They feel that they would listen to their grievances, address them and try to solve them. People who do not have any emotional anchor in their lives suddenly find one when they start dating someone. They feel that they are not lonely anymore and look forward to pouring their heart out to him/her. We sometimes have several issues in life which we keep to ourselves. We fail to find a single person who we can share or feelings with. When we meet someone special, we want to share everything with them and expect them to understand us. People who are very emotional get overwhelmed when they finally find someone who is willing to listen to them. It is not that throwing tantrums at your partner is a very rare occurrence and overly emotional people indulge in it. People, who are fairly emotionally balanced, too, throw tantrums at their partner. They do not throw tantrums as frequently as the ones who are slightly more emotional but their outburst could be loud as well. They would throw tantrums because of different reasons. People who have been emotionally closed for a very long time could suddenly set their emotions free and have outbursts when they get in to a relationship. They would see no reason to hide their emotions anymore. While expressing your feelings and releasing your emotions is a good thing, it can have adverse effects as well. You could have mood swings and might end up venting out your frustrations because of an incident that happened in the past on your partner. The topic could come out of anywhere and you will have an outburst because of it. There are some people who do not have any angst inside them but throw tantrums just to seek attention. If you are insecure about your relationship or feel that your partner is not giving you enough time and attention, you could throw tantrums so that they would be forced to listen to you. [ Read: Does He Love Me? – 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind ]

The consequences

We do take people for granted sometimes and throw tantrums at them. While it is okay to throw tantrums at your partner occasionally, doing it on a regular basis can have a negative impact on your relationship. You will have fights with your partner because of this. Your partner will not take to your tantrums kindly and shout at you in response. Even if you have a partner who does not fight with you, no matter how much you annoy him, they will slowly distance themselves from you because of your aggressive behavior. If your intention is to gain the attention of you partner, then there are better ways to do it. You must talk to hem directly and ask them to give more importance to your relationship. There are several constructive ways in which you can ask your partner to spend time with you. You do not have to resort to such unscrupulous means to gain his attention. [ Read: I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, It Wasn’t Fair ]

A relationship grows on the basis of trust and respect. You also need to be patient and kind towards your partner. There will be fights and arguments but you must try to avoid doing anything that could make a dent in your relationship. Taking your partner for granted and throwing tantrums at them is something you should steer clear of. There is no space for violent and aggressive behaviour in a relationship. At the same time, if your partner throws tantrums once in a blue moon, you should be patient with them and not judge them because of their behaviour. If they do it frequently, then you must talk it out with them peacefully.