Reasons Why – Say I Love You and Show it

Reasons Why – Say I Love You and Show it

In this day and age, professing your love does not stop at saying I love you to your partner. You have to express your feelings as well. Your partner should be assured of the fact that you love him/her. If you don’t remind your partner how much you love him/her, s/he may develop feelings of insecurity and may doubt your intentions.

Reasons Why - Say I Love You and Show it

Here are the reasons why it is important to express your love to your partner:

  1. There is temptation all around

If you stay out of reach of your partner for some time and lose touch with her, chances are that somebody may walk his/her way into your partner’s heart. When realization dawns upon you, it will be too late to change things. Your partner will have moved ahead in life by the time you try to talk to him/her. [ Read: 10 Dating Love Lessons 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You 


  1. Taken for granted

Your partner will feel that s/he is being taken for granted if you don’t spend time with him/her and do anything that would show your love for them. You must do everything for your partner so that s/he feels like being an important part of your life.  Often, people pursue someone and then, take them for granted once they have said a yes to their proposal. If you truly love someone, you will do anything for them and make them feel special all the time.

  1. Makes your partner love you more

Doing special things for your partner will make him/her love you more. They will acknowledge the fact that you have put in a lot of effort in making them feel special. They will make some effort on their part as well and plan surprises for you. [ Read: 18 Ways Of Saying ‘I #LOVE YOU’ ]

  1. Show your gratitude

Expressing your love will let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. They must know they are an integral part of your life and you can’t imagine a life without them. The joy and happiness they have brought in your life is something that needs to be acknowledged by you.

  1. Helps you open up

You are an introvert by nature. Hence, you find it difficult to express your love to your partner. Your coyness might be mistaken as disinterest or nonchalance. Muster the courage to talk to her and do things that would make her feel special. Doing this will help you open up as a person. [ Read: Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back? ]

  1. Your partner gets to know more about you

There is a reflection of you in all that you do for your partner. If your partner likes your surprises, s/he likes you too.  Remember, don’t plan anything that you are not comfortable getting involved in. Your gifts and gestures should reflect your personality and intentions.

  1. Brings you closer

Spending time together and planning things together will help you in getting closer to your partner. You will feel a sense of togetherness seeping in. The more time you spend together, the closer you will get. [ Read: 7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You ]

  1. Resolves differences

If you express your love adequately and open up to your partner, then whatever little differences you both have will be resolved in no time. It will also leave no room for insecurities.

  1. People are getting busier

The world is becoming smaller and people are getting busier by the day. If you stay in your own world believing that the person you love will not go away from your life, then you might have mistaken. Relationships are important but there are other important things too. The person will not reciprocate your feelings if they feel you are not putting any effort. [ Read: 10 Things You Should Not Give Up For A Relationship ]

  1. Makes the relationship stronger

Spending time with each other and surprising your partner with special gifts and gestures helps in making the relationship stronger. Invest some time and see your love grow from strength to strength.

After you confess your love to a person, it is important to express it properly. A bond develops over a period of time. Always try to think of innovative ideas to surprise your partner with. Even the simplest of gestures can your partner’s heart flutter. Make some time to nurture your love so that it develops into a concrete relationship.