Reasons Why Relationships Hit the Three – Year Bump

Reasons Why Relationships Hit the Three - Year Bump

Reasons Why Relationships Hit the Three – Year Bump

 When you fall into a relationship with someone, you may feel that he / she is the one. Everything seems so beautiful, pleasing, exciting and wonderful in the starting. You get to know each other so much, talk to each other so much, go out on trips and dates together and eventually time passes by.  Sooner or later when you are done with all these things and pleasing each other, your relationship comes to stability. This stability comes usually in the 3rd year of the relationship as the starting two years are considered as the honeymoon period. So it is said that the relationship hits the three-year bump. By using the word bump here, we are referring to the problems, issues that both the partners, or may be one partner faces in the relationship due to lack of communication or say communication gap, boredom, incompatibility and a few other reasons.  [ Read: 13 Reasons You are Bored of Your Relationship ]

Problems in a relationship can be due to many reasons, or either of you may realize than you no longer want to be in the relationship. If you are also in the third year of your relationship and you feel your relationship is being hit by the three-year bump, then here is a list of reasons to know why this is happening –

  1. Considering the relationship practically

No that you know each other well after spending two years together, this is the time when you come to the actually grounds of you relationship. A stage when your relationship has come to a hold and you are thinking whether it was infatuation of you really want to be with your partner forever.  [ Read: 10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall For the Douchebags ]

  1. Getting bored in the relationship

You are tired of going out for the same dinners, shopping etc.  Now you are bored with the same life – waking up, going to work, coming back in the evening, having dinner and going to sleep. Nothing new or exciting to talk and do. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bored with your partner.

  1. Need for personal space

After being so much into each other for almost 1 2 years you realize that you now you need your own space in life. You want your own time being alone, being with you friends and being with your family. Rather than spending all the time together, you wish to spend some 2 3 hours of quality time. Personal space in any relationship is important. Without it, you start feeling sophistication in the relationship. The more space you give to your partner, the better.  [ Read: 19 Clear Signs You Are Ready For a Serious Relationship ]

  1. Focus on career / work

You and your partner both start focus on other important things like your career and your work. You put all your focus on it so much that you forget about pending at least some time of your day with your partner.  This brings a gap between the two partners that leads to becoming a bump in the relationship.

  1. Compatibility with each other

When it comes to treating life practically or when you both need to know things that are common between you like your interests, hobbies, same thinking and all you realize that you are not well compatible with your partner. There are many such things between the both of you that make you think that you won’t be able to continue your relationship with such a person. This is one big reason why your relationship hits the three-year bump.  [ Read: How Self Respect Affects You and Your Relationship ]

  1. Lack of communication

You have told your partner each and every thing about yourself. When your relationship comes to a stability you realize that there are not much things left between the two of you to talk about. You become so much in other things of your life like taking care of kids, work, career, household activities etc. that you don’t have the time to talk to each other properly. A gap builds up between you two and your relationship starts facing communication issues.

  1. Different religions

In some cases, problems arise between the two people because of religion. Two people who are from different religion might start facing problems because of it. Different religions lead to different beliefs and customs. You may want to perform different set of customs. Like for example one religion tells you to eat non-vegetarian food whereas the other person’s religion allows you to eat non-vegetarian. This issue can come up as a problem and leads to clashes between the two of you.  [ Read: 7 Easy Steps to be Blissfully Happy in a Relationship ]

Every relationship faces certain issues sooner or later it is you who needs to evaluate the situation and decide how you want to deal with these issues. There are two things that you can do when you relationship hit the three-year bump. First, you can sit with you partner and talk to them face to face about the issues and find out a solution to the issues and fix the problem. Whereas the second thing you can do is to evaluate the above given reasons on your own and decide to break up with you partner.

But let me tell you that it will be much better if you try and sort out the problems between you two. It is not right if you take the decision for your relationship all alone. You partner may feel hurt and get upset when they will come to know that you no longer want to be in a relationship with them.